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    The latest Windows 10 update has serious problems

    Yup, "sudo apt upgrade" is usually a non-event.
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    The SAA website is down

    Down, like the Disquss comments on MyBB.
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    Why I'm still broke in 2019

    Yes, even though I already have a drone that I can control from my phone (and at 20x the price!)
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    Apple's "no viruses" claim gets it into trouble

    But, but... I thought Apple controlled the whole ecosystem to ensure a better user experience??
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    Telkom to kill and replace ADSL

    What are the user ratio's between the two? Will the latter be sustainable without the prepaid users?
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    Moving to the cloud should be simple

    When is a business "in the cloud"? When it stores data on a cloud server, when it uses SaaS or when?
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    Telkom Big Deal – Free LIT Android TV with 10Mbps line

    Remember folks, a Telkom contract is a forever contract!
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    What happened with Linux in 2018

    Also nothing about yours truly starting to use a Linux desktop full time for my own non-it business.
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    Netflix unveils first South African original series

    This is fantastic news. SA has a great film/TV industry that deserves a wider audience.
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    Netflix unveils first South African original series

    Netflix's audience outside of the USA is already larger than inside, so the audience is getting ever more diverse. The American style can also get too much after a while. I think that is why the European (especially Scandinavian) murder mysteries are so popular.
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    The incredible world of Discord and "However, in 2015 Kim Dotcom disassociated himself from the service and stated that the New Zealand government had seized the shares of a Chinese investor and has control of the site. Mega Limited responded that the authorities have not interfered...
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    The incredible world of Discord and

    Help me out here: apart from the end-to-end encryption, how is Mega different from other file storage services?
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    Netflix launches new Ultra package in South Africa for R239 pm

    We choose our own poisons... I mean hobbies. ;)
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    Big Telkom fixed-line and ADSL shock

    Dear Stuff Writer, say after me: "It is a 'big shock' when it is unexpected, not when the 18-year old trend continues!"
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    Steam Halloween Sale 2018 launched – Great deals on PC games

    Do I have to get a joystick for that? :p