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    Axxess DSL line rental - Unethical behaviour

    Axxess still not saying anything about this
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    Axxess - How long till it activates?

    Took Openserve 3weeks to come install only to find out cables are broken...
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    Telkom DSL Lite throttling 6pm to 11pm

    Speed still 19mb by me I'm on the 20mb pure dsl, the lowest I get is about 15mb
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    Openserve/Telkom did you switched to naked ADSL?

    Been active since Tuesday, only problem I have, is my connection drops every morning between 9--10am for 5 minutes. Other than that it's all good. I did wait a month for the install. cancelled my order with axxess hopefully this won't affect my line with telkom
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    Openserve free fibre and ADSL upgrades

    Waiting for technician to come pull some wires they said 14 to 21 days
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    Afrihost Pure DSL

    Are you able to stream with your 10mb...
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    Rate Axxess

    Depending on who you speak to axxess has and have always been good to me. Have been with them for awhile now and when we move end of the month im signing up for fibre (currently on mtn fixed lte)
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    New MTN Fixed LTE SIM's from Axxess

    This was my concern as well, as I am surrounded by towers if I count I can see about 8 towers. Lucky the b525 does not have the battery pack like the b315, loadshedding I'm disconnected.
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    Xiaomi Mi 3 vs. Xiaomi Mi S TV Box?

    Looking for this where can I find it.
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    New MTN Fixed LTE SIM's from Axxess

    Anyone try and use the b315 battery pack on the b525? Loadshedding is killing me