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    Home Brewing / Micro Brewery / My own beer

    Thanks, guys!! I'm in Joburg... Norwood side. Will check out the link and let you know if I have any questions. Excited to give this a try.
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    Home Brewing / Micro Brewery / My own beer

    Wow, this is a long thread. Does anyone have a recommendation for a total newbie for a starter kit? Thanks!
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    Where can you buy Orzo?

    Hi! Just wondering if anyone knows where you can buy Orzo from in JHB? I can't seem to find it anywhere except for Faithful to Nature. Thanks!
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    What do you guys pay for a 9kg Gas bottle?

    There's a dude we use, Themba, who delivers (he does a swap out for the old one). He's usually cheaper than the garage by R20 or so and he most sizes. Convenient, especially with the bigger sizes.
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    Tattoos - do you tip?

    Haha wow, Thanks, guys. :laugh::laugh: I was just wondering because it's mentioned in a ton of articles all over Google and I thought it was a ridiculous concept, but don't want to upset the artist if it's the norm.
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    Tattoos - do you tip?

    Going for my first tattoo soon. What's the etiquette with regards to tipping? She's designing it for me and tattooing it, so I'm paying R900 per hour, estimated 3 hours. Thanks!!
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    Looking for refurbished or well priced laptop

    Looking for two identical well-priced laptops (we don’t have a big budget, but we also don’t want to be unusably slow) for general use. Happy to consider refurbs. Budget R5k-R7k. Any advice?
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    CDs wanted

    If anyone is looking to get rid of their old music CDs, please let me know :) Rock, alternative, grunge, punk, metal etc. all would be appreciated. Please inbox me. Cool, thanks :)
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    Internet woes - advice for correct package?

    Hi guys So here's the deal. I am currently on Afrihost's 30GB mobile data deal. I pay around R800 for 30GB which is a really steep considering the cost of fiber, but I'm not in a fiber area :( Apparently the adsl line in my area is also pretty terrible and no matter what line speed you're on...
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    Does anyone know if you can buy mugwort in South Africa? Johannesburg specifically. Thanks!
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    Place to buy unsellable products (chocolates etc. that are the wrong shape to sell)

    About 15-20 years ago, I remember there was a place where you could buy chocolates that had come out in funny shapes, so they couldn't sell them in the shops with the branded packaging. There were all kinds of different chocolates, all perfectly edible, at very good rates. Are there still...
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    Passport enquiries

    I have a few questions and I was hoping someone had advice :) I need to book a flight in the next few months (to Brisbane for travel in April next year). Does anyone know when is the best time to book to get the best rate? Now or closer to the time? Secondly, I have an Australia...
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    Anyone seen any good movies recently?

    Anyone seen any good movies recently? I feel like the last few I've watched have been terrible. Any suggestions for ones you thought were exceptionally brilliant? Thanks! :)
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    Freezing Virgin Active Membership

    Hi Does anyone know how the freezing of Virgin Active membership works? Do the monthly payments stop until you unfreeze it? Also how does it relate to the Discovery Vitality discount etc. and the 36 times per 12 month period that is required? Thanks so much!
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    Recommendation for coffee machine that isn't crazy expensive

    Hi guys I love a good cuppa coffee... at work we have an awesome, but crazy expensive coffee machine, which I love. At home I just have a french press and moka pot. I'd like to get another machine to add to my home collection, but all the really good ones are about R4000+ - does anyone know...