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  • hello, im a varsiy student cerrently doing my first year in computer engineering at the ukzn, ive read your posts and you seem to know a lot more about it,so i figured that maybe you can help me out as im not sure whether to continue with computer or switch to electronics,which du you think is best?
    Yes, sn3rd! Stop prostituting your entries like that! Your elitism makes everyone jealous and it's considered an unfair disadvantage and we just won't stand for it!

    /me tosses his hair and walks off

    Dear sn3rd

    Please find the Wantitall competition instructions for the weekend competition here.

    Kindly note that only 3 entries per person are allowed. If any of your posts are draw you will be disqualified for posting 6 entries.

    Thank you and have a nice day.
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