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  • CosmicLogic, you'll remember him, devSaturnine (aka TheDevilHimsel), Lily (aka Cujo), and myself, from the good ol days. All the others have been lost to the ether.
    Oh my! hey s_g! :D Imagine finding you here. You should come by one day, unless that was you using the chat on the site. It's a bit quiet during the day though.
    Hey dude,

    I meant to say that email confirmations will be sent if you get one of the accounts, rather than an email confirming that you've entered.
    Once you hit the "Enter Now" button you'll definitely be on the list :)

    'ello, Solitude-san :)

    I am teh okayz, sankyu. And yourself? You realise you could always just ask in XFire, right? :D
    Ag I first came up with that Nic in 2008 and I joined MyBB and every other site thinking that Sycogrim would hav been most commonly used lol... :p and I found out about MyG from MyBB
    Sorry, wasn't home when you sent that. It's been working fine since I got online about an hour ago though :eek:
    haha... Yeah, tell me about it...

    I'm sure you'll pull through -- you're a bright sort and a fast learner, I think. So just "byt vas" as the Afrikaners say (or however you spell it :p) and think positive thoughts.

    Yuegh for sounding like a hippy.

    Fingers are crossed for you, Solitude :3
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