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    Is this legit?

    Has anyone else signed up with Initiative Q? The people behind it appear legit - ex-PayPal and reputable university professors, yet it seems a little MLMy. I signed up just to take a look and because it is free. And yes, in the hope of potentially being rewarded as an early adopter. It is...
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    Using a mobile phone hotspot instead of Mifi - any security concerns?

    Hi, I wish to find out if I use a mobile phone as my hotspot WiFi network provider to do long term internet surfing including online banking and work at home, would there be any problems such as security concerns? I wonder why a MiFi router would be necessary if an Android phone can provide...
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    MTN unveils Black Friday 2018 business deals

    I registered on their website on the day of Black Friday but haven't heard from MTN apart from an SMS? Was anyone else able to secure any of these deals?
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    MTN launches Black Friday business deals

    I have yet to hear from MTN after completing the form on Black Friday...
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    Usage so far on the Cell C app

    I am a recent Cell C subscriber with a Pinnacle contract, currently on my first month. I use the Cell C mobile app to manage my usage. I have noticed that there is on the top right hand of the app an indicator that says: "Usage so far". The amount displayed is in Rands and keeps increasing when...
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    House vandalised, electrical wiring stolen!!!

    A house I own was recently vandalised - we were awaiting arrival of new tenants. Thieves broke in through the roof and stole all the electrical wiring, fittings, db board and taps, pipes , even door handles. I need to urgently find a reputable electrician and plumber - please PM me if you...