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  • Hi D, apologies I have only just seen this message now which is over 1 year since you posted! I trust you came right? I have been doing a little sailing around the world and not checking in.

    Are you a Mac Expert as it suggests?
    If so, I have a tiny dillemma I was hoping you can sought out for me PLEASE?

    Firstly I have a Macbookj 13" . Using Bootcamp I want to partition the harddisk to be able to run XP on the one and OSX on the other. Byt the problem is that my CD Drive has packed up. Waht I need to know is if most if not all External CD Writers are compatible with both Mac and XP - I want to purchase an external CD writer and load windows CD that way.

    Secondly: Will Firewire or USB make a difference? Which one will be best as will Fire wire work when I'm using the XP side of my pc?

    Thank you in advance :)

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