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    The Audi Thread

    I've also just moved to Audi Took ownership of a 2013 A3 Sportback 1.8tfsi S-tronic! Loving how smooth that 'box is! Coming from a focus ST 5-cyl I though I might miss the effortless power, but I have been pleasantly surprised with the 1.8tfsi. The clincher though is the standard sound system...
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    Which model iphone 6 will work on SA LTE bands?

    iPhone 6 Model A1586 iPhone 6 Plus Model A1524 Will even support Telkom, as long as they get unlocked by Apple
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    Roaming abroad and phone battery life

    probably cos the Iphone doesnt really comply with certain network standards. There should be no reason for this to happen, only change that should happen is software changes. It could be because of more handovers in more populated countries or something like that but I cant think of anything...
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    Cell C won't work on iPad?

    the state's version of UMTS 2100 is on 850mhz UL and 1900mhz DL or something like that. Thats why the US wont run any UMTS 900 devices, hence why apple ignores 900
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    Antennagate - is it really that bad?

    there is a loss when using any phone, however this loss should not cause you to drop a call. The loss that occurs when you bridge the two antennas on the bottom right of the phone is simply unacceptable. Its a serious design flaw that apple is trying to spin in order to save them millions plain...
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    Iphone 4G

    UMTS 900 will annihilate 2100 soon, the advantages are astounding.
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    Destop PC issue

    Hi Guys Looking to see if anyone has had a similar problem or has any advise. my pc was working perfectly on sunday eve and i had shut it down etc that night, turned off the power at the mains etc. On monday after work i got home and tried turning the thing on but it was dead, only the...