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    Big Netflix Giveaway - Enter Now

    6 Underground
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    Telkom Broadband Promotion Giveaway - Enter Now

    Start by selecting your UNLIMITEDhome lite* option 20Mbps UNLIMITEDhome Lite 20mbps...
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    South African Fibre-to-the-Home Survey – Win prizes worth R10,000

    [Done quotes Done ="rpm, post: 22998220, member: 1"]MyBroadband has launched the South African Fibre-to-the-Home Survey, where you can win R10,000 in prizes. If you cannot get fibre, but want it, we really want to hear from you If you have fibre, we want to know about your choices If you don’t...
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    Test your mobile network and win prizes worth R5,000

    Plumstead Cape Town Vodacom Ping: 54 ms Download: 6.73Mbps Upload: 3.48Mpbs
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    Big Mobile Speed Test Giveaway - Win prizes worth R10,000

    Network: Vodacom Ping: 32 ms DL: 34.95mbps UL: 2.97mbps Location : Wynberg, Cape Town