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    WhatsApp will not cut users off who do not accept its new privacy policy

    By going ahead Facebook is defying SA's Information Regulator which issued a statementon the 3rd March. This wasn't mentioned in the mybb article. And this from today, 11th March that a battle is looming. An interdict is on the cards.
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    Discovery bank Vs FNB

    No. Once you grant permission, they have carte blanche. And the location doesn't need to be precise for them to build a profile.
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    Discovery bank Vs FNB

    They want people to use their app so that they can harvest the location information, which reveals a lot about you. Where you stay, how long you are at home, where you shop, exercise, socialise, etc This is what Facebook does; it builds profiles and then sells your information. Banks have an...
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    Discovery bank Vs FNB

    Are they collecting your location information ?
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    Kobus Wiese in ICU after suffering 'massive' heart attack

    Hope he fully recovers. What was his health like? Did he have a metabolic syndrome (high cholesterol, diabetes,...)? The Wikipedia page puts his weight at 125kg, but this doesn't appear to be the latest. 125 kg was probably during his peak. Recent pictures suggest >150kg.
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    Beware when ordering from RARU...

    Probably true. Interest rates are very low these days anyway
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    South Africa to get powerships in Coega, Richards Bay, and Saldanha to solve load-shedding problems

    Who are the BEE freeloaders that are hiding waiting to rent seek? I hope this gets challenged in court.
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    Celeb chef asked to change ’Holi Cow’ restaurant name and apologise to Hindu’s

    Here is the a Christian who finds Yudhika's actions offensive and who signed the petition:
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    Celeb chef asked to change ’Holi Cow’ restaurant name and apologise to Hindu’s

    I dare you to name a restaurant Mohamed and serve pork. At least all Hindus will do is write petitions.
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    Celeb chef asked to change ’Holi Cow’ restaurant name and apologise to Hindu’s

    You are as deracinated as Yudhika, who likes to talk with a fake white accent. Inferiority complex is obvious in this one. If you can't understand why Hindus are upset then you are as clueless as Yudhika -- who claims to be Hindu.
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    Aramex global shopper

    Duties: 7% VAT: 15% Aramex tax/charge: 2.7% Assuming R/$ was 15.4, then US$550*15.4/$*(0.07+0.15+0.027) =2092 Was the balance shipping cost?
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    Herman Mashaba confirms launch of new party

    Good idea. We can't have the EFF as opposition. DA has become a haven for racists.
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    Premier Zikalala Calls For An Urgent Investigation Into Anti-Hindu Sentiments
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    Shoe Laces!

    Industrial strength, polyester!