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  • heya :) those links of yours in the SA version of AIWnet guide dont work... any advice on where else to get the files?
    I got 2 gb telkom adsl(+20 gb local).I think I got route sentry setup.So now I got 1 gig international from isat.I'll use it with my telkom capped 2 gig for gaming on local servers (to use the local 20 gigs)
    My Q-1 is, do I have to change route sentry local/int on the 1rst of next month.Cau's I have to use the telkom 2 gig first to get to the local part of the deal at the beginning of each month.I do not want to use the isat 1 gig from the start,only after telkom cap.How do I do this?Do I make the one telkom/local dial-up connection the default in the beginning of the month?I can still see in network connections under Broadband "telkom Broadband Disconnected ,Firewalled" Do I make this the default connection untill I'm capped?Do I have to disable the modem's brige mode????
    Q-2 is about gaming local servers with route sentry.Do I login to games like bf2 like normal(before telkom cap) while using route sentry?Is it all done by route sentry on my behalf?
    I got COD4 working with RS
    But do you know how to get Hamachi to work with it.

    problem is i can connect and all but my ping is 700-800ms with RS and 30-40 without.
    but i have yo use my int cap to get the low pings.
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