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    I think I will wait for a month after it releases in sa to avoid the mad rush and stock shortages.. Can't wait to get my hands on it though.
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    Huawei Mate 20 Lite

    Using P30 lite.. Still very happy and doubt I will even upgrade in April..
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    Black friday came early

    These are my speeds on the Vodacom 3g(R205) mifi router that I got.. Look alright?
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    Black friday came early

    I'd rather have a contract than give my bank details to telkom or have to deal with their call centre..
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    Black friday came early

    I'd rather be with Vodacom than telkom..
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    Black friday came early

    Been on contract with them since hassles
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    Black friday came early

    Anyone that might be due for a upgrade.. Ask for Dennis on 0821959.. Maybe you will also get a brilliant deal
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    Black friday came early

    I know!! I grabbed it with both hands!
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    Black friday came early

    So I have a Data contract that was about to expire, and wanted to cancel.. Lo and behold Vodacom go and offer me 20g anytime data for R99pm... I grabbed it with both hands..Dont think anyone is offering that even though it is a 24month contract.. R5 a gig.. Thanks Vodacom!!
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    Fibre advice

    Afrihost.. :)
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    eBucks can no longer be spent or earned at Makro

    Can't decide whether I should purchase a 9k voucher from makro in readiness for BF.. Before makro is no more.. Will makro have the ps5 though..
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    New speeding fines and demerit points for South Africa explained

    Most of the time u don't get the fine within 32 days.. Thus losing the 50% discount anyway
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    Here are OneDayOnly’s Black Friday 2020 plans

    Has anyone shopped at one day only? If so how was your experience from a customer service point of view? Were they on time wrt deliveries?
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    MTN 1TB deals

    Thank you.. You've been a great help
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    MTN 1TB deals

    How does payment work? Debit order? Can I use my Samsung J1 as a Hotspot as opposed to buying a router as I only need it for 5 months.. Thx I advance