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    Biased Motoring journalists / authors

    If you think that is acceptable to tell readers that a car has a three cylinder engine when it has four cylinders and that a car has a cambelt and not a cam chain then OK. I don't think so.
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    Biased Motoring journalists / authors

    I have made some errors but never have I rebuilt a four cylinder and only did three cylinders. I'm talking about the most basic of basic technical information. Only a fecking idiot or ignoramus would say that an engine has a timing belt if the engine has a timing chain. Referring to my first...
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    Zindzi Mandela racist tweet

    Perhaps she will better luck being nailed by a Zulu than a pole?:sneaky:
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    Zindzi Mandela racist tweet

    I see a lot of colonialism style in terms of hair, eye brows and the rest and very little traditional African makeup. Clearly the cow wants to be white and pissed off because she isn't.
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    Bathabile Dlamini Resigns as an MP with Immediate Effect

    Just look at all the recent departures from ANC top jobs. They have all over indulged, feeding at the trough, fat as pigs and now have lots of money to spend the rest of their lives living in luxury on huge pensions. Lean and mean are two words that don't describe the trash at the top of the ANC.
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    where Should I go ?

    You worked hard to earn a day off and need to be spoilt and have a treat. I suggest that you pack your golf clubs and head for Hermanus. It's a lovely course. Your wife can be your caddy and your son can help for balls that land in the rough.:sneaky:
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    Got taken into the police station and fined... am I getting a criminal record

    "However, the legal expert said that the Constitutional Court did not define the scope of private, rather leaving this to the discretion of those who enforce the law – the police, prosecutors and the courts. The judgment did, however, expand private use, possession or cultivation of cannabis...
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    Citroën to make a local comeback

    Interesting times on the horizon. The Trust Auto Group owned a few Peugeot dealerships when they took over the Peugeot distribution from PSA. Why did they then turf Citroen then? And now thinking of taking it back? TAG also own a couple of Suzuki dealerships. Heaven forbid to see a supermarket...
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    The SA Vehicle Industry Thread Any Peugeot dealer who is not close to a Suzuki outlet should find this news article very interesting. I would say that the same applies to Subaru and Fiat dealers.
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    Suzuki owners

    You know it is not about where it was made but how it was made. Mercs are made in East London by people who come from the Transkei. BMW are made by people who come from Northern Transvaal. Swifts are made by people who are Indians. In real terms.. the origin of manufacturer is irrelevant; it's...
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    The SA Vehicle Industry Thread

    Seventeen Jimnys were sold in May. Thirteen were sold in April. Seven in March and sixteen in February.
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    Suzuki owners

    If ever there was a biased owner it is I. Is there anyone who visits this forum and who owns a Suzuki product and thinks that it is a pile of shyte? Please post because I would like to hear from you why a Suzuki Swift does not cut it for you..
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    Top Ophthalmologist in Cape Town area

    If the George is closer, there are top opthamologists at the Garden Route Eye Clinic.