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    Vodacom VoLTE Activation

    How does one get provisioned for the VoLTE service? - 111 , did their best to help but could not - MyVodacom just has the standard LTE option. I am a contract customer with an up-to-date sim + VoLTE device + LTE coverage, BUT called fallback onto 3G. There should be a way?
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    iOS 8 Released - Download Links and Install Guide

    Yes I see the same. My MTN SIM doesnt have that thou once i put my Telkom Sim....BOOM it appears... 5S
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    IPhone 5 in South Africa anytime soon?

    What did I start here!!:wtf:
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    IPhone 5 in South Africa anytime soon?

    Boring as in - I did whatever can be done with the current Generation. I'm pissed off at the fact that a new OS comes out and I must go buy a new device in order to get that (or root)! I rather have a device for 2 years, knowing if a new version of software comes out I can download that. Look...
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    IPhone 5 in South Africa anytime soon?

    Yip South African networks take time... I will take your advise and try the S3...And see what happens
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    IPhone 5 in South Africa anytime soon?

    Well im waiting to see my options - iPhone 5 comes in the iPhone 4 might drop in price? - iPhone 5 packagers ? Smart bundles seem to be coming out - Blackberry is lost to me even if the new OS looks amazing, the BIS network is crap to me - Even if LTE is not active on the first day, the...
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    IPhone 5 in South Africa anytime soon?

    Any news on the release date? My Blackberry is driving me up the wall...:cry:
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    8ta (2gb+1gb) = a negative balance

    Its official that 8ta's 2gb+1gb promo is giving customers a negative balance when they recharge and 8ta cannot fix it. Even the people working in the call center themselves are having the problem. The call agent simply said its a wait and see what happens thing I logged in my case, with no...
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    Durban (No HSDPA but just normal 3G) ?

    Started using my Cell c sim since Friday to find out that there isit HSDPA coverage out of the blue, just normal 3G Anyone else in Durban experiencing this also?
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    All Round Speedtest ( All Network welcome )

    NEW SECTION, NEW THREAD Post your networks speedtest...more than one network in a post is welcome:D DEVICE: 7.2MB/s Modem MY LOCATION: Durban NETWORK COVERAGE MTN -82 dBm VODACOM -71 dBm CELL C -83 dBm Server : South Africa [Rosebank] MTN VodaCom Cell C...
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    Going be getting the hd pvr, just wonding what the total cost of my sub would be... HD PVR + STANDARD DSD ON DSTV COMPACT? I know there's a access fee to make use of the pvr,but the extra decoder has a fee too? (*I tried the dstv website,it gave me page errors...and dstv forum...
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    iPhone4 - Vodacom APN

    Is the apn activate on your line?. I know in the past I had to phone them up and have that apn activated.
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    Telkom Mobile USSD codes & service numbers - 8ta account information

    Telkom Mobile Account menu Dial *180# / *140#/ *147# 1) Bundle Purchases (DATA/SMS/MMS Bundles) 2) Unlimited VASs (Unlimited Services eg. Call to Landline) 3) Transfer Airtime 4) Blackberry (Purchase BIS Services) 5) Device Settings 6) Tariff Change 7) FREE calls Promo **Note that not all...
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    Telkom Mobile : No data bundles on pre-paid? WTFF

    Okay iv been playing around with service providers and manage to get myself a Telkom pre-paid sim card months ago. Didnt have the reason to buy big bundles until now with the holidays etc So today I find out that Telkom doesn't offer it s pre-paid customers Data bundles!!!! Is it me or do I...
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    I did see a map as to the links of Neotel's cable system but as for their wireless system is there a coverage map? Their website has nothing as far as i know.. Neotel Coverage anyone?:confused: