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    DStv Flex - is it what you've been waiting for?

    Nah thanks, I'd rather simp and give it to some beautiful maiden on onlyfans.
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    Your current "want to buy" car

    Mitsubishi Evo 9, my dream car. I can never understand why it never took off here but the STI did. Sourcing parts is the only thing that scares me from buying one in the future.
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    Ethernet Cabling question

    Thank you very much for this explanation and the cutter end pliers.
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    The pro Jab Scientist on the forum

    To be honest I'm so sick of this vax/antivax kak, if people don't want to get vaccinated then leave them alone, unfortunately you cannot force people to allow you entry to certain places so that's something you'll just have to live with for now. At what point do we draw the line? Should we...
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    Blood Clot Risk Much Higher From Covid-19 Than With Vaccines

    That's a very specific way to die, also highly unlikely.
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    Have you been vaccinated for Covid-19 yet?

    So many people are testing positive for this virus without even being aware of it because they put it down to "its a cold/flu" and yet when they hear they got Covid they like whaaaat no ways. I feel fine. On top of that you have individuals who've contracted the virus and felt completely fine...
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    Have you been vaccinated for Covid-19 yet?

    Family members think we are crazy to sanitize everything after buying groceries. I've tried explaining why we do certain things to family but they just think its funny, can you imagine just taking your mask and throwing it on the table without washing it regularly or at least sanitizing it...
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    Have you been vaccinated for Covid-19 yet?

    I got the J & J vaccine on the 24th August @11am, the nurse who administered the vaccine failed to inform me I could take paracetamol to assist with the side effects. For those who are scared of needles: I donate blood on a regular basis, the syringe/needle is tiny compared to the plumbing pipe...
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    Homemade Pizza

    Cape Town, Southern Suburbs.
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    Homemade Pizza

    I was actually trying to get some today, anybody know of a walk in store? I tried the online italian deli but they can only deliver on Monday.
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    Xiaomi Mi Box / Mi Box S [Android TV OS]

    Using a VPN is still broken on Android 9 for devices running android TV, this would only affect you if you're running via ethernet though. So stick to 8 if you're using a cable.
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    Vuma Reach Fibre - Mitchell's Plain/Strandfontein

    You're using a Netgear router right? What are you trying to make "fixed"?