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    The electric car bubble is bursting

    This article seems a bit biased against electric vehicles, I recently read how well Tesla model 3 is doing in several countries.
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    Mass surveillance by SA government ruled unlawful

    We need to all fight back against this.
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    Supersonic launches fixed-LTE packages - 120GB for R399

    2 issues with this. Firstly it's not 120gb, it's 60+60. Secondly it's a 24 month contract. No thanks
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    iPhone Xs vs iPhone 11 Pro

    One of the biggest upgrades to the new iPhone pro is the display, it’s a lot brighter so should be better outdoors, also uses less power. The galaxy s10 already has this tech. I’d like an iPhone with an amoled display but they’re so expensive! My 6S still working nicely ha
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    Broadband in South Africa compared to the world

    Was recently in Kenya. They have way cheaper internet than us, by far! For R50 I got 3gb on my SIM and that wasn’t even a great deal. Lots of places had WiFi and 4G was everywhere even in rural. Ok we have it too but it costs too much. Thankfully prices are coming down.
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    Trump reportedly wants to ban end-to-end encryption

    There’s a global anti democratic movement. They want to get rid of privacy, it’s already been accomplished in Australia. Ordinary people can’t let this pass!
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    South Africans are dying due to Eskom's pollution

    South Africa is a huge user of coal power, we burn some of the dirtiest coal in the world, and many places in Mpumalanga have terrible air quality. We should be investing in nuclear and solar power on a huge scale.
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    The West has its Huawei smoking gun

    So what’s the smoking gun?
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    Uncapped mobile data packages - Vodacom, MTN, and Rain respond

    Spectrum is limited my ass. Other countries have uncapped mobile no problem. It’s just greed from SA providers. R150 a gig is an outrage.
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    How the DA will make Internet access cheaper

    Well our internet is still way too expensive. My friend from Kenya can buy 10gb there for the price of 1gb here.
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    How the DA will make Internet access cheaper

    We need a national internet program to provide internet at cost to citizens. Private companies aren’t gonna do it out of their own.
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    Mo Nice deals.

    Received:Select Option: 1) 1GB Allnet Data @R33.50 (1 Day) 2) 4GB Allnet Data @R169 (5 Days) 3) 6GB Telkom Data @R68 (2 Days) 4) 50GB Telkom Data @R460 (14 Days) Random ass stuff this, was previously using 15gb for R171. Also gonna get a Rain SIM
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    More South Africans will keep their old iPhones in 2019

    Yeah I'd like an iPhone X or XS for that nice OLED screen but the price is just outrageous. 30k for a phone? You must be joking.
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    South Africans are supporting how Venezuela is run – This is what the country is really like

    There was a regression in poverty in Chile from 1973 to 1990, after then there has been improvements. > In 1970, before Pinochet took power, 17 percent of Chilean household incomes were below the poverty line; by 1990, the rate had doubled, with 35 percent of the households living in poverty...