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  • Hi there,

    Just read one of your posts so hope u can help me please..

    I am looking for a package where I can get unlimited uploads.. is this even possible?!

    Im want to setup a slingbox with at least a 256k up or better.

    Any suggestions?
    Hi Syndre

    My name is Kobus and I wander if u could help me. I have upgraded from Cell phone internet to Telkom ADSL 2weeks ago.

    I have reached my 3gig international cap limit with Utorrent and read about newshost in these forums.

    I have downloaded Grabit for my 30gig local but dont know how to start.

    I am absolutly clueless when it coms to this. please I dont want to post a Q in the Forum because I dont want to look like an idiot.

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