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    Eastern Province Kings rugby discussion thread

    Its amazing how much he can complain for someone that's just been handed a spot on a platter. And let's be honest he wasn't given it because of his rugby abilities.
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    Top cops 'knew stats were cooked'

    For those on here who wonder why people don't have much faith in the government's official crime stats:
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    Mbeki's foreign policy failures

    Well written article, shows how much Mbeki and the ANC have chosen ideology over realism.
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    Russia to put nukes in Baltic, Syria?

    Rather worrying, looks like Russia's trying to show its strength, the start of a new Cold War?
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    Apple can remotely delete iphone apps

    This seems like far too much control to me: :eek::eek::eek:
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    Zimbabweans forced to vote

    No surprises here:
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    How Cops Really Want to Police

    Some of it almost makes sense to an extent, but others seem to be taking it too far: :eek::eek::eek: And if this is what they admit to what else do they do?
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    Zim: The End Game

    To me that seems unlikely but you never know. Maybe the JOC or whoever holds the real power will negotiate a better deal with the MDC and give up Mugabe.
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    Can SA sustain its Prague Spring?

    Personally I think the main reason we're seeing more criticism is that the government in the form of Mbeki and his cabinet no longer has the power, Zuma does. That makes it easier for to criticise the government without offending the real power base. I doubt it'll continue for that long then...
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    Iran: Get married or you're fired

    Great logic behind this idea. :D
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    Anyone watching Carte Blanche?

    This place is fscked up. :mad:
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    The Official 3G Iphone Thread

    Yeah, although Apple had a revenue sharing agreement with AT&T so they made money on the contracts too.
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    The Official 3G Iphone Thread

    I don't think so, they had specific iphone contracts IIRC.
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    The Official 3G Iphone Thread

    I know but what I'm saying is that as it was locked to AT&T from Apple's perspective you couldn't use it on any other network and so basically had to take out a contract, unless you just wanted to use it as an ipod.