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  • HI

    I am planning on doing my MCSE via self study - Please advise where i can find exam centers, to write my exams

    I am in Cape Town.

    Where about did u buy the sybex MCSE books from, looking to buy for a friend, pls let me know

    Hi Synergy

    Can you elaborate, have you had the same problem with MTN/ITalk Upgrade?
    Who did you speak to at Corporate, and how can I get hold of them, if you don't mind.

    Hi I read a thread of yours about your CCNA (Congrats btw). I am also planning to do mine. just want to find out through which institution you did it through.

    Im looking for somewhere reputable to do through in durban and not getting much luck.

    Please any help would be appriciated.

    My email is nishalin@gmail.com if you wish to respond that way.
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