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    sim number with iPhone!

    How to find your SIM CDN on an ipad?
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    Is this panel beater taking me for a ride?

    I reversed into a pole with my Toyota Yaris (not the saloon) and there's a slight dent on the rear side panel above the tail lights that looks like it could easily be popped out. The paint has been scratched off a bit but nothing hectic. I received a quote for R1,500 which seems mighty steep...
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    Twitter representation

    Just a heads up to VD, there seems to be a lot of one-way communication going on, on Twitter and Vodacom doesn't seem to be replying on that channel. Just check out @RubyGold's (Editor for Times Live) account for a taste of the action. ;)
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    Got access to wifi? Watch TV on your iPhone!

    iphone always gets the coolest apps.
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    Nokia 5800 not picking up 3G

    I had my 5800 musicXpress sent into Midrand Vodacare for a high-level repair. I get it back and now I have lost my HSDPA connectivity. It's horrible being stuck on EDGE. Is there any way to install HSPDA settings without handing my phone in again? Edit: Nevermind, the OP is an idiot...
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    Using MyBroadband on iPhone

    It would be quite expensive to make one of those.
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    Modern Warfare 2 Presitge edition

    I was at the CNA in Menlyn the other day and saw the prestige edition of Xbox IIRC, which is about 2k and comes with what looks like NV goggles. Surely those can't be real! Don't those usual retail for about 5k+?
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    Iphone developer courses

    don't give up though, yesterday i heard that some apps are designed and developed for up to 160k - that's insane!
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    Iphone developer courses

    you're heading in the right direction - there's a major shortage of developers here.
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    Firefox bookmarklet plugin

    Back in version 1 or 2 I had neat plug-in that showed the bookmarks as their favicons but excluded the text. It made things compact. When I upgraded it disappeared. Does anyone have a link for v3.5.3? Thanks
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    Facebook's version of the Retweet has arrived

    Link Interesting. I think this will catch on.
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    Broadband bible launched

    It looks like there's a new website that was launched recently, going by the name The Broadband Bible. Here's a description from their about page: Link: I wonder if it will go mainstream or if it'll only be used by geeks, nerds, and those that jump ship when...
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    MBTI manuals

    Ahoy. Following this thread about Myers-Briggs type indicators it would be interesting to learn more about the 16 various personality types. I'm too lazy to do an in-depth search for ebooks and manuals as I'm not bothered to sift through the self-promoted crap on a Sunday afternoon, but if...
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    Apple iPhone eats up 50% of global mobile data

    that's a lot of data. I need to get myself an i-phone and increase the stats.
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    The price of wealth

    Holy cow. I was going through WBS's various courses. The new one, master of management in the field of entrepreneurship and new venture creation is a 14 month course. I imagine it would be similar to an MBA. Anyway, the point is that it costs R73,100! :eek: That's... quite insane. \starts saving