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  • Heh, I don't play HoN any more, that one guy in our team put me off of it

    My cousen say he now just throws a nerd rage on the VOIP, then walks to base, then types in to the other team what everyone on his team are doing

    pfftt.... nah, people take that game to serious lol :erm: :D

    Hows it going with the HDD Business you wanted to do - still gonna do it? I haven't forgotten about owing you a logo you know :eek:
    Been Googling "Data Recovery" and the results within the "pages from SA" came up with post from
    And upon doing some searching there it has come to my attention that you are the "go to" guy with regard to data recovery.
    Seagate Barracuda LP 1TB. Spins up, clicks about 11 times, stops spinning.
    I'm assuming it's a faulty read/write head that will have to be replaced should I want to retrieve data.
    What does a procedure like this cost and would you be able to do it?
    sure i'm up for a game - 19:00 ?

    just don't hate me if I suck cause i haven't played in ages!

    when are you going to give me a logo to make? I still owe You !!
    Hi there, email me on and we can get you sorted.. and yes I can recover your data! :)
    Hey HTC _guy, i am another one of those person who had their Seagate sata 500 gb hdd failed on them, unfortunately, i only saw this 'bug' thingy regarding the 0.11 drive after the hdd fails and did some searching...
    So i would just like to find out if you can still retrieve all the data in the hdd, where are you situated and what will be the costs involved in doing so? Thanks a bunch!
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