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  • I used to live very near the bushes :p ;) :D

    Now, I live in the Capital city of Mpumalanga ;)

    I'm going to read it on the John and make a collection of it if you add me to the free sub list, lol :p
    LOL -- that would be cooool! Don't you live in the middle of the bush somewhere? I can add you to the free sub list no problem :)
    Hey texo.

    I'll buy the mag myself instore if I get paid and take a pic just for you!

    Keep well my friend! Love ya!
    Hey, Tera! Long time no hear, man. The mag is a lot of work, but very rewarding - let me have your postal addy and I'll add you to the free sub list, if you want?
    Hey busy man! Love the new mag and image of it all. You're a pretty creative dude, I never would have thought it.

    I know your hard work will show rewards, certain of it.

    Keep well my friend.

    All the best,
    Are gemmae still green?(Would like to swap before brown & less likely to germinate) Would like to swap Nep for gemmae. What about burmanii & pings? Need address to send to. For private details: my e-mail, allroundsteelworks(at)webmail.co.za How will u send seeds to me?
    Hi Yolandaroos
    Would love the Nep, and will pay the speedpost costs (and for the plant unless you want to swap for gemmae)
    Would love to trade. How many leucophylla seeds would u like. When and how. Seeds need 4 week cold stratification. Strong & healthy. Nep. would like to courier plant if u willing to carry cost. yolandaroos
    Hi thanks for the info, my website is finnished!:)
    Used joomla and phpBB for the forum, so i will hopefully contact you guys in the week.Telkom said i will have my dsl line installed by tuesday, so im just waiting for them.
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