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    Intelsat files for bankruptcy

    Yeah, with all they planning, I was thinking how could that be bankrupcy.
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    Openserve launches “Naked ADSL”

    Too late for Telkom and too late for most people as well. Wanted to get ADSL for my patents years ago, but they didn't want to let go of their prepaid line. Now they have this wireless Telkom phone and fibre is on the cards after lockdown.
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    WhatsApp sees massive drop in viral messages

    If messages are encrypted, how does whatsapp know that a particular message is highly shared and by extension, that viral messages forwarding has decreased?
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    Takealot opens 25 new collection points in South Africa

    There's one a few km's from my office, so under certain circumstances I will actually pay the R25 for collection. This is great. I used to drive 20 minutes if I really, really wanted to collect...petrol was much more than R25.
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    Windows XP is well and truly dead

    Isn't this still the case?