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    Top up RA now, or wait?

    Already have one for eBucks :cool:. Not adding anything further at 1 USD = 18 ZAR Monthly D/O to a mix of ETFs I'll consider this too. Thanks
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    Top up RA now, or wait?

    I think the factors for determine the effectiveness of a retirement funding product in no specific order (although some are more important than others) (assuming DC fund) 1. Tax efficiency (which isn't really an issue for either of the standard options) - but could be when you use a TFSA rather...
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    Top up RA now, or wait?

    I had planned to top up my 10x RA after I got my bonus (not that great, but it's something) - bonus has now arrived and markets are now ~30% down, and my retirement funding assets are between 25% and 30% down too. I don't want to put money in the RA now and then markets go down another 20%...
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    Tips to Boost your eBucks - 1 July 2019 to 30 June 2020

    I tried to use the code as an existing customer with frequent previous orders and got the message:
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    EAC numbers from RA revealed.

    I'm 100% for buying all your policies/insurances yourself if you understand what you are buying. But the reality is that some of the financial products sold (whether bank rewards, ST insurance, LT insurance, medical aid etc) are too (unnecessarily) complex for the lay person to understand and...
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    Short Term Insurance Help or Tips

    The short answer is just to shop around using a broker and/or comparison app etc Unfortunately most short term insurers have been increasing premiums (higher than inflation) across all lines of business (property, motor, liability etc) for the past year or so across all market segments...
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    FNB eBucks Weekly Deals 2019

    Agreed. Touch control either too sensitive or not sensitive enough, frequent disconnects of one (or both) earbuds. If it wasn't "only" ~eB1500, I'd send it back.
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    Netflix: Messiah

    I'm a few episodes into the series and really like the premise. There is a lot of potential especially with the Christ/Antichrist/Charlatan vibe going on and the response of the secular world to this. What I found a bit pedestrian is the character development (outside of Al-Masih) - especially...
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    Travel insurance cancel policy before departure

    PM sent to hopefully provide some assistance.
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    Tips to Boost your eBucks - 1 July 2019 to 30 June 2020

    Is this right? i9 with only 512GB SSD? the only 16" i9's I can find locally are 1TB SSD.
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    Old Mutual's Education policies

    Depends what you're using your TFSA account for - you're not going to keep it forever. If you're using it to supplement your retirement savings - agreed. If not, why not use it as a vehicle to save for your kids education? Yes, you'll have to withdraw, but you'll withdraw anyway. As always...
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    Old Mutual's Education policies

    Just don't do it. Also the "Smoothed" funds and "Bonus" funds are just gimmicks designed to make the insurer more money. (and I work at an insurer). Should you wish make adequate provision for your kid's education - sufficient life insurance, nominate a guardian who will make sensible financial...
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    Discovery Classic Smart

    Not a bad experience at all. Apart from co-payments at the GP and pharmacy the only things we paid out of pocket for were: 1. An X-Ray for my wife 2. Prescribed Contraceptives and Hypnotics 3. A single specialist consultation fee 4. Odds and ends at the GP (disposables, urine tests etc) I had...
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    Tips to Boost your eBucks - 1 July 2019 to 30 June 2020

    So for those who had issues with purchases at the shops of other fuel retailers reflecting as not 100% engen fuel spend, what did you do?
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    Tips to Boost your eBucks - 1 July 2019 to 30 June 2020

    Anyone else get a Debit of R60 on their cheque account for "CONNECT TOPUP SIGNUP "