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    Sources believe coronavirus originated in Wuhan lab as part of China's efforts to compete with US

    Oh no. Not so fast. The "obvious" conclusion many people ran with was that it was maliciously developed as a bioweapon to negatively impact the rest of the world. And don't dismiss the bats completely out of the picture just yet. For all that it may not have been via a market - I quote: "The...
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    Elderly woman swindled out of R300,000 on over-70s dating site

    This is not a new phenomenon. It's happening on a large, multi-billion dollar scale, across the world. It is a serious enough problem, that I think substantial international crime fighting resources should be dedicated towards combatting it.
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    Gaming/Office Chair Recommendations

    Designed obsolescence. Curse of this age.
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    Gaming/Office Chair Recommendations

    The base I had. Part of the "ultra sturdy" frame of the "amazing quality", and expensive gaming chair I had broke. I can't even remember now where I bought the seat from. Found one I like online, and bought it. The seat was not cheap new, but still cheaper than the full gaming chair I had been...
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    Inside the brutal world of the Jehovah’s Witnesses

    Practically identical to the early days of Christianity. Then when Armageddon did not arrive they basically went: "Whelp! Guess we're getting into politics then."
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    Gaming/Office Chair Recommendations

    For a chair. Do what I did, and never look back. 2nd hand gaming chair base, then mount a car seat on it. EZ.
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    Ivermectin: balance of evidence shows no benefit against Covid-19

    Are you actually saying that you think I'm an idiot who wants to remove myself from the gene pool? Because I don't support the use of Ivermectin (nonsense acronym by the way) for the self-administered treatment/preventative treatment (take your pick) of Covid19? Honestly my only dog in this...
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    Ivermectin: balance of evidence shows no benefit against Covid-19

    So... It has been shown now that many doctors have relied on the results of studies with grossly misleading findings. Which is why I said that after what has come out now I would get a second opinion when my doctor prescribes me Ivermectin. What... Is your purpose in this thread? Title...
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    Ivermectin: balance of evidence shows no benefit against Covid-19

    Look, dude, a medical professional administering a drug, and self-medication, are two completely different things. And people who have their health already compromised, can most definitely be differently affected by many of the common medicines out there. Especially when they are already on...
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    'I want to improve the lives of the working class': Meet ANC's youngest elections candidate

    Oh no. Did you not see? He read up about the revolution, as well as the anti-apartheid struggle while he was growing up, and found glaring issues with the historic accounts.
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    Ivermectin: balance of evidence shows no benefit against Covid-19

    The studies promoting Ivermectin as a Covid treatment have now, by and large, been found to have been so poorly executed, and have mislead so many, that a new article published in Nature is proposing stricter standards for the review and publication of medical studies...
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    SARS should collect the SABC's household levy - MultiChoice

    Not admirable, but at least that would be more honest. Because that is all that the TV license is. A tax.
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    Are you vegetarian/vegan or thinking about it?

    Why not? It's not that much. You wanted facts. I gave only a few. Did you just ask for facts to inconvenience me? Do you only like facts which fit into your limited world view? Does thinking get difficult when you have too hold to many data points in your head? There's still a mountain of...