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    Coca-Cola, Facing Backlash, Says 'Be Less White' Learning Plan Was About Workplace Inclusion

    Lol... That's pretty stupid. I'm guessing it's not helping much with goodwill among the employees. I wonder who the bright spark was who thought it would.
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    The World Will Pay More For Meat

    Will the SA consumer even notice? Except as a vague sinking feeling that things are tighter? The range in prices between shops are so broad. People just keep buying. I even have a short list of shops in my area that keep making themselves guilty of showing lower prices on the rack than on the...
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    The prices of popular South African cars in their home countries

    That Mustang is just a ridiculous markup
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    New household tax proposed for funding the SABC

    Who would have guessed?.. What a novel approach [sic]
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    Mboweni ‘not oblivious’ to South Africa’s shrinking tax base, as emigration numbers rise

    Bah. Whatever else - Coming from the ANC, it will be a shitshow. Guaranteed.
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    Investigation into Cape principal’s remarks about student teacher’s hairstyle

    Well this is some BS right here. I sympathise with natural hair - Not a Top Deck. In any case. Abolish all hairstyle standards in schools. It is clear that people have lost the plot, and it's just causing k*k now.
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    Further evidence that South Africans are trying to get their money out of country

    Not just covering 60mil people. Covering the "expenses" of a huge bloated public sector. I hear some peeps in the US complain that their government is too big. They know nothing! Sheesh.. I'd also pay their tax rates in a heartbeat. And I'd love it if two coal stations did not, thanks to...
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    Government’s spectacular cigarette ban fail: billions of rands lost – and hardly anyone quit smoking

    Bah. That lot were born and weaned on tall tales of social revolution. As if people are things. Stable change takes time. But they want everything to happen overnight. Mostly doing more harm than good.
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    Formal rape case opened against DJ Fresh and Euphonik

    Yeah it's a juicy scandal. For which a regular joe would hardly feel the heat. Also... If he just cheated, then I can't hold it against the guy. It's a very human thing. Rape is another matter of course for all that it seems to be part of the human condition as well. But, It's between him and...
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    Government close to choosing private partner for revamped national carrier - Gordhan

    And some guarantees that if it is turned around, and thereafter successful (as is quite possible), then it will not be nationalised again. I would not put a move that is so utterly stupid, and damaging to the future credibility of our country, past those post-Polokwane fools. I've seen them...
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    The DA is in total crisis.

    This old thread. Every time I see it, I am reminded of my general view on the matter. The DA's level of crisis is like a storm, in a teacup, in an actual tornado (the underlying crisis from the ANC in our country). The Cape, after all things said and done, is still way better run than the rest...
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    South African employees could be dismissed for not taking a COVID-19 vaccine

    Rofl. If people opposed cars as much as vaccination (better chance to be disastrously impacted by driving to the shop, than the covid shots), then global warming would not be an issue. There are many, many things many, many people do yearly, monthly, weekly and even daily... which are more...
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    Murder suspect arrested after almost 15 years

    What kind of justice is this? A man lost his entire remaining life. He was in contempt of court. A fugitive of justice for 15 years. 90 days - 4 years? I don't understand. It's making a mockery. Such a light sentence could encourage others to follow in his footsteps.