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  • Cheeky! Lol I was still creating OS's but you know, exams, oh have my first IT job lined up next year. Junior IT Engineer.

    *Loving Windows 7 atm on all my machines*

    How your exams been going?
    Hi Techie.

    Listen, I saw an article in the news this morning about an IT guy from Krugersdorp that was shot dead on a farm in Brits. The picture looked alot like you from what I recall. Just wanted to know if you're ok?
    Yup....It leaves me with just enough dosh for the other one:p I just need a slightly more comfortable mouse...the G9 is awesome but it just doesn't sit right in my hand. I think the G500 will remedy that and it has the hyper scroll wheel which has become a must-have for me:o
    I was but Ive actually "thunk" it over and Im gonna go try this instead---> http://mybroadband.co.za/vb/showpost.php?p=3141594&postcount=35 with two very high CFM fans. Im dead curious to see the results! The money Im saving from not buying a TRUE was already spent on one of those 1TB samsung drives which Im paying R648 for after redeeming my R50 voucher :D Things are going very well it seems:D
    Nice...Im jealous. Hows you ultra 120 handling the temps from the i7 under load...? Im considering upgrading my cooling to either a Corsair H50 or a TRUE but I can't decide at all to be honest.....
    Thank you MR Techie :)

    I just noticed you birthday is also in September! Happy birthday for the 5th :)
    Yeah they have. But im counting on that there will be "ways" around it:D
    As for the 8800gt, have a willing buyer atm...but will see how that goes.
    I suppose...she mostly plays sims3 which actually chows the gfx card quite a bit. That and if i manage to sell the 8800gt for the price i have it for then upgrading to the 4850 will only cost about R200. So I think its worth it:) That and we will eventually be lanning(hopefully) diablo 3 between the pc's:D
    Im considering substituting my 8800GT with one of those 4850's for the GFs pc. I already Impulse bought a 9800GX2 so i need to try and be a good boy. LOL :D Waiting for that system would kill me with anticipation though! Bliksem....
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