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    Do banks give 110% home loans?

    When we asked Nedbank about this a couple of months ago, we were told it's no longer being done. Not sure if this applies to all banks.
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    Boycott by Whites of South African Restaurant Reflects Growing Sense of Grievance

    My biggest complaint with the Spur debacle was that, what started as (and should've stayed) merely an argument between two adults, got turned into a race issue, even before Spur issued a statement. Instead of seeing two individuals giving each other a tongue lashing, the media (and the populace...
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    AfriForum reveals: 56 white schoolgirls excluded from Gauteng netball teams based on their race

    I look forward to the day when a statement like "We shouldn't be discriminating against people based on the colour of their skin" isn't controversial.
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    The racism related news articles thread

    Where have I absolved him? I made it very clear that he can rot as far as I'm concerned. I'm asking whether or not you think the rest of the family (who, from what I can tell, did not do this) deserve to receive death threats because of the actions of someone else? This is the fourth time I'm...
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    The racism related news articles thread

    My question does not relate to him, my question relates to his family, please stop changing the subject. I'll ask it again, what did the family do to be on the receiving end of death threats? Are they, according to you, guilty by proxy?
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    The racism related news articles thread

    I never said he gets a free pass, I said I don't care about him, he can rot for all I care. My question remains, though.
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    The racism related news articles thread

    I don't care about the guy, but what did his family do to deserve death threats, exactly? Or are they just guilty by proxy?
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    Madonsela wants Zille to ‘withdraw and apologise’ for ‘black privilege’ tweet

    While it's very short-sighted to claim that people don't enjoy certain privileges (being advantages in life, generally unearned by the individual enjoying them but rather determined by their circumstances and in some cases the luck of the draw), we need to acknowledge that it applies to...
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    Afrihost Cell C network problems

    Same problem, unfortunately
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    Understanding prepaid electricity

    Paid R2.39/kWh today. R2,500 for 1047.6kWh. Getting reamed nicely.
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    What's for supper - Second Course

    Removed from the bone
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    What's for supper - Second Course

    Slow-cooked oxtail. Will be served on mashed potato.
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    What's for supper - Second Course

    Before or after they moved to where Cynthia's used to be? I've heard they've gone downhill since moving there.