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    House keeps tripping when raining

    It could also just be a faulty breaker.
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    Win a Nighthawk Pro Gaming XR300 router - Enter now

    3 x High-Performance Antennas for better WiFi coverage
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    BMW 3 Series F30 Advice

    Really guys? You trying to save like what , R100 of fuel ? Ridiculous !!
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    Have you taken flights with kids recently?

    You are not wrong here. It could be that I'm good at talking my way out of trouble ;)
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    Hi, please PM me. Thank you

    Hi, please PM me. Thank you
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    Have you taken flights with kids recently?

    Well, a few times I forgot my original copies at home , but showed the high quality scans (I have on my cloud) from my cellphone, and they allow us through. In USA flying out from DC, I recall, I just emailed them the same, and they were satisfied. Just saying ...
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    Have you taken flights with kids recently?

    You need it. If dad is not traveling , you need the home affairs affidavit template completed. International airports are also very strict with this (flying back to S.A).
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    Domestic worker stabs employer's daughter, robs house

    It sounds like your kitchen, bedroom,lounge,dining,bathroom,laundry and scullery is all in one space and the toilet right next to your PC , cos the shyte is flushing all over your keyboard which you typing out here. I'm pretty sure you talking shyte all day too ...
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    Which stores in South Africa have the best Black Friday deals?

    The Digital Experience had some really great specials last year.
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    2020 Volkswagen Golf 8 (Mk8)

    And nobody asked for your 2c as well. Go moderate somewhere else Spiderman …
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    Car valet / odor removal in Joburg

    you MIGHT need a few treatments of this ... My cars still smell like new after 3 years when I sell them, new buyers are ecstatic ! But of course, your problem could be much worse.
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    2020 Volkswagen Golf 8 (Mk8)

    Agree ! @FiestaST 57k post count is quite decent, think you can stop posting them ?
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    Portable Airconditioner - Advice Needed

    Anyone buy an Elegance brand? I'm looking at that 16000BTU model ELPA-16C , just cant find reviews. What's the recommendations?
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    Returning a recently purchased vehicle and get my own back

    Bud, I understand your frustration with this, but 9 times out of 10, things like this go against you ( meaning with your bank). Did you get in touch with CPA ? Motor ombuds ?