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    Best wood for fireplace

    I was told kameeldoring burns slow yet hot, or something to that effect. I’ll opt to place kameeldoring at the base and going up use blue gum, So the flame burns through the tower and light the kindling on top. Makes sense ?
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    Audi S3 SB vs Toyota GT86 vs Focus ST3 - Daily Driver

    Better just park it off in your garage as well, driving it around poses a worse threat.
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    Best wood for fireplace

    Necro... So I’m looking to buy wood, opting for kameeldoring at R120 per 50kg bag. Before I jump and buy a 1000kg , anyone can advise on similar quality wood or perhaps more reasonably priced ?
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    AA Driving Permit

    Guys, I’m going to Italy soon, will I need the AA driving permit or will my SA License do ? Also it will be good to share your experiences on countries you’ve visited and if you needed the AA permit or not. USA - yes Australia - No
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    Tripping of lights.

    How do you make such a claim ? You got some kind of gadget measuring the waves or what ?
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    Lithium Car Battery retailer SA ?

    Shame , you must be a special case of tard to think a lead acid only lasts 6 months...Lion ...idi0t
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    Lithium Car Battery retailer SA ?

    I'm curious to know when exactly you bought this Li-ion (say it properly if you so passionate about it) ? Trying to determine its lifespan since all Lithium batteries are generally 10 years.
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    Lithium Car Battery retailer SA ?

    Was waiting for someone to mention CCA on/from lithium, will it even start the car ?
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    Selling a vehicle - potential buyer and price drop request?

    You need to set your price between trade and retail . If it’s a car with top resale value (like VW/Toyota/merc) , set it closer to retail and then be open to reasonable negotiation.
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    Is this kind of corrosion on the engine acceptable on a brand new Mercedes?

    Take it back to clean that , but watch them damage something else.
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    Lithium Car Battery retailer SA ?

    Yes you are 100% correct in that. But remember a battery has a BB date regardless of how much care you put in.
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    APR /revo / unichip anti theft features

    Revo SPS. Which VAG model you buying ? R or RS3 ?
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    Vehicle sold as full service history may have skipped a service interval

    So you telling me you didn't check the log book to make sure car was serviced on time when due ?