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    Rain Tower Location: PM me your Cell ID's

    You will need to get something like a MikroTik LHG LTE outdoor Antenna - you then mount it on a pole and aim it to your tower - I know some of the older ones allowed the ability to select the tower in the config and lock on.
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    Major Rain 5G problems

    They are the most useless company I have ever dealt with. I am done
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    Major Rain 5G problems

    Mine worked for 2 hours at full speed and now it’s nothing
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    RAIN Huawei 5G CPE Pro settings

    It seems no matter what you choose or how its setup or if its locked. if the network is busy - the connection drops... Cant wait for fiber
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    Can we sue Rain

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    Rain Premium 5G same speed as Standard 5G

    I honestly would recommend a pigeon with a memory stick over RAIN. I would recommend a hammer to the knee cap over RAIN. I think I am going to build a website of just videos of how bad rain is, from service to service delivery and call it and do some clever seo to dominate...
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    Can we sue Rain

    Would love it if you actually could help me too... I mean using my Vodacom contract data to browse the internet between rainshedding schedules. I am actively watching your system drop my routers connection every night between 6-8 ...I have no internet whatsoever... I suspect this is because you...
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    Reset the Rain CPEX router to default

    the password you used to log in - its not going to help tho - welcome to RAIN, land of crappy service and slow internet
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    Rain is actively dropping connections

    I have 5G now but I am getting 1mb/s at the moment . Excellent network....
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    Rain is actively dropping connections

    Have a new meeting and TO ANYONE THINKING ABOUT SIGNING UP FOR RAIN 5G.... DONT!!!!!!! Dont waste your money - I will actually spend money telling people not to join Rain. @rain_mobile you need to step up now
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    Rain is actively dropping connections

    you should keep a log