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  • I can't stand Pool, terrible Pool supporter when I started supporting Chelsea. He was a bit early with the "new money" insults - Abramovich only bought Chelsea about 5/6 years later. lol
    I dunno, I'll have to find someone who has FIFA10 on XBOX or PS3... Though I never really liked PES 08/09 - it just wasn't PES the way it was mean't to be played. PES10 has gone back to their roots and I'm optimistic for the future. :)
    Yeah, the player animations are old as ****e. Though I don't really mind... in the types of games I play - celebrations are never watched, just skipped over very very quickly. Believe me, I have never had a fight with my brother as when one of us decides to not skip the celebrations...
    Dunno what happened to Supa... thank the lord he's gone though... he was getting really irritating. Cantera is like a blend of Genius and Supa tbh...
    Yeah, Genius left and was replaced by an even worse version... Cantera. Footy board is dead. Meh...
    DUDE! Where are you?!?!

    Sorry to see your team go down, but I hope that it will be all for the better in the long term with you okes letting go some of the driftwood that has been holding you and letting some your youngsters (for which Newcastle is famously known for) take centre stage.

    Cheers man!
    Enjoy mate! While you in Italy, go to the statue of Juliet and touch her boob. You haven't been in Italy if you haven't done it! Remember... pics or it didn't happen! :D
    Told you Star Trek was teh kewl :p :D

    See my post in the Chelsea thread for my reaction to the game. :D:D
    too true man, just hope there is some planning going on behind the scenes, Chelsea can't go on like this dude! sheesh.
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