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  • Hi thisgeek

    I hope you can help me please,
    You posted this in 2005:

    Default Billion 5102SM Util

    Since I didn't get any software with my modem, I emailed the local support, and they sent me a util called ADSL PureBridge.

    It connects to the modem and shows you what the uplink / downlink speed is, and allows you to configure a couple of settings.

    If anyone wants a copy, just PM me your email addy - it's about 1.3Mb.

    According to the util, for my HomeDSL 384, my downlink speed is 512k, and my uplink is 320k.

    I know it is a long time ago, but do you still have this utility, Telkom upgraded my line last night to 10Mbps , and now my trusty Billion 5102SM modem has stopped syncing....

    My e-mail is janroux1@gmail.com,

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