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    Apple are jerks

    I've done some research, most of the markets work in pretty much the same way. Android Market - now "Google Play" charges you a once off $25 fee to register on the market to release free or paid apps. You're required to use Google Checkout as the payment processor where they take 30% of your...
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    Apple are jerks

    Thanks for the responses guys, definitely helpful, unlike Apple Support. :p
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    Apple are jerks

    I'm currently looking in to developing games for mobile platforms. It has been fairly easy to find information on the various markets (the various Android markets, and the Windows Mobile one) as to which ones can pay out to South African developers for games published through their markets...
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    Itunes store account disabled

    Actually, when I bitched to itunes support about not being able to access the podcast directory etc with a ZA account, they gave me a link to a knowledge base article that explains how to create a US account without billing info.
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    Mybroadband iphone app

    fwiw, setting up tapatalk is a doddle. Just did it on my vb4 forums after balking for awhile. Took all of 5 mins. And tapatalk is available for android too.