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    The Renault Kwid Thread (Kwid Lovers)

    Depends where it's built it seems. Some reports say it's stronger apparently, but I'd wait for the NCAP results.
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    The Renault Kwid Thread (Kwid Lovers)

    This is the best review of the Kwid so far I think.
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    The Renault Kwid Thread (Kwid Lovers)

    It really seems like Renault is having supply issues for the Renault Kwid Climber AMT. I've had finance approved for a mine since mid-November, but Renault can only source me one by the end of January 2020 (or beginning Feb)! Being without transport over the festive season sucks!
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    How to find your marriage status online?

    Yup... have no idea if my divorce reflects in state records yet. Utterly useless. SMSs don't work, online verification is offline, call centre useless.
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    Kwese Play

    Hi folks. Just to confirm: Still no Plex available on the Kwese device? I took it as a given but if not I better cancel my order immediately!!! [UPDATE] Cancelled my order with Mantality within 90 minutes of placing it - was charged a 15% "Admin & Restocking fee". Tsk tsk.
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    Big Two-Day Giveaway - Enter Now

    Free Visa debit card It’s the only bank card you'll ever need, to shop everywhere and to withdraw money from any ATM in South Africa.
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    Vumatel outage ?

    Down in Kuils River too.
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    Wish - Online shopping app - Anyone used it?

    Some items that landed in SA in June/July are only available for pickup now - expect quite a delay. 90% of the time it does get here via the maze that is the SA post office, even if it is 100 times slower than that of the Roman empire 2000 years ago...
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    iPod-like offline music/mp3 player that runs Android?

    Thanks @Hamish McPanji , but that was my first try and as you can see it wasn't really an option.
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    iPod-like offline music/mp3 player that runs Android?

    Yes, in this day and age I'm looking for a decent tiny music player that runs Android so I can install Google Music on it and play my offline files on the go. Things I've considered and why they were discarded: Get a smartwatch - you get some really cheap ones on Gearbest. Tried it, got one. I...
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    Win an Amazon Echo Dot in this two-day giveaway

    Microsoft AI combines the capabilities of computers with human ingenuity. Turning your data into incredibly powerful insights that enable your people to achieve more, and create more value for your organisation. Keeping you always one step ahead.