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    Virgin boss apologises for SA tweet

    Its OK to be white
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    Taking Uber to small claims

    How much? "they said that the driver said it happened" what is "IT"?
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    Home Loan Rates - Standard Bank

    I smell BS, FNB reviewed my bond(s) rate on registered bonds.
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    Ebay is not the problem. What ever you do dont select free shipping, because then you will rely on SAPO to get your package. SAPO is the problem.
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    Al Jazeera : Has South Africa’s ruling party betrayed Mandela’s legacy? | Head to Head

    If anyone asks whats going on in SA, just show them this interview. Its an excellent advertisement.
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    Tips to Boost your eBucks - 1 July 2019 to 30 June 2020

    Can anyone tell me when last there was some less 40% vouchers on poetry / C.U.M etc? (and if they still pop up)
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    Volkswagen T-Cross

    Some bold claims, "it will be the best selling SUV in the country" what are you basing this on?
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    Think before buying that new TV - Black Friday 2019 is coming

    A 6pack of beer to the person that creates a tread with screenshots for calling out retailers for fake and exaggerated discounts.
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    SA has the opportunity to name a planet – Vote now

    Please no. We all know where is is going. It will probably cost the taxpayers millions to come up with a name
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    Laser eye surgery in Joburg

    cool thanks!
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    Laser eye surgery in Joburg

    fully aware of the risks, thanks
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    Laser eye surgery in Joburg

    Tread necro I recently got a quote to do this for R25 000. Can anyone that has done this comment if the price is within ballpark?
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    Takealot refuses to correct incorrect description on an item.

    bruh, how much time do you have on your hands