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    Roku3 and Netflix Bitrate

    Hi all Been playing around with my new Roku 3 and cannot seem to get it to stream Netflix at the same bitrate as on my PC. I have 4Mb ADSL line which rates at 3.4Mbps (both from PC and Roku). I have connected the Roku and PC wirelessly as well as wired - no difference. When...
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    Where to buy a speakphone?

    Hi all I am looking to buy a speakerphone which connects to my landline. Tried 3 Telkom shops, Makro, Takealot etc. This doesn't have to be anything special - a "normal" Telkom phone with a speaker option and a mute function. Any ideas? TIA
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    Pool pump, solar heating and the Hug Bug

    Hi all I am considering heating my (small) pool using solar, but I get a different suggestion from each professional I ask. So I though I would ask the experts... My pool is 13000l and has a surface area of roughly 3m x 3m. I have a 0.75kW Speck pump and I am using a Kreepy Krawley Hug Bug...