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  • Just download PS3 Media Server on your desktop machine. Make sure port 5001 isnt being blocked as this is the port used for streaming by media server, however you can change it to whatever port you wish. Then setup your share folders, and enable Media Server on your PS3 under Settings. It should pick it up immediately. Remember your network has to be in DHCP, so that the desktop and ps3 can read each other on the same network. should show up on your ps3 immediately and your good to go.

    I've got a 8mb line, so i normally jump onto the desktop, find a movie or HD game thats just been played. download it within a few minutes and stream it to the ps3.

    Hope dat helps
    let me know what websites you use for PS3 info and reference - Do you stream movies off the PS3 via the internet tell me more. I have a pc with a router dual view into 2 lcd's so I have all my media on a hardrive on the pc. How would i use it as a media player then?

    I see that you use a PS3 and Im picking mine up today and have a broadband connection. What can I do with that besides online gaming? Please send any suggestions as they would be most welcome and its always good to ask a user of this tech.

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