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    HP poised to take on Cisco

    HP takes on Cisco HP networking takes aim at Cisco with acquisition of 3Com
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    What's popular in the mobile environment

    What's hot in mobile A new iPhone, iPad 3G, Microsoft's Kin, Dell's Thunder and a bunch of HTC devices
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    HP to revolutionise the data centre with converged infrastructure

    HP to revolutionise the data centre Company announces significant step forward for enterprise infrastructure
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    Thai man arrested for Facebook comment about monarchy

    Man arrested for Facebook comment Thai authorities have arrested and charged an anti-government "Red Shirt" sympathiser for allegedly insulting the kingdom's royal family on Facebook, police said Friday.
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    UN to distribute 200 000 laptops to Gaza refugees

    UN to distribute laptops to refugees The UN agency for Palestinian refugees on Thursday launched a campaign to distribute some 200,000 laptops to schoolchildren in the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip, a spokesman said.
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    Facebook changes criticised by Canadian government

    Facebook changes criticised Facebook users may be targets of blackmail after changes that erode personal security protections on the world's most popular social network website, Canada's privacy czar warned Saturday.
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    Broadband Infraco report is 'misleading' says Government

    Broadband Infraco report 'misleading' A report published in Business Day on Friday concerning state-owned Broadband Infraco was "misleading" and "factually incorrect", government said.
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    SEACOM downtime expected over the weekend

    SEACOM downtime tomorrow SEACOM is scheduled to undergo repairs on Saturday 24 April 2010 to fix the affected fibre pair in the Mediterranean Sea
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    Yvon Le Roux

    Yvon Le Roux, as Vice-President of Public Sector for Cisco in the European and Emerging Markets, is responsible for sales, marketing and business development for local and central government, healthcare, education and defense. Yvon joined Cisco Systems in September 1996 and until recently was...
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    South Africa one of the main drivers for telecoms in Africa

    SA main driver for telecoms in Africa Although South Africa is one of the primary players in Africa ICT deregulation is still a problem
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    Alcatel-Lucent is a global telecommunications corporation, headquartered in Paris, France. It provides telecommunications solutions to service providers, enterprises and governments around the world, enabling these customers to deliver voice, data and video services. The company focuses on...
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    British politicians go online to secure youth vote

    British politicians launch online campaign for youth vote Harry Potter lacked the magic to make Britain's youth care about the country's national election, but the sudden rise of an underdog party leader seen as shaking up politics as usual might do the trick.
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    Alcatel Lucent achieve 300 Mbps DSL

    300 Mbps DSL Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs achieves industry first: 300 Megabits per second over just two traditional DSL lines
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    Microsoft Office 2010 will be cheaper for South Africans

    Microsoft Office 2010 cheaper for SA Microsoft’s Office 2010 package more affordable in emerging markets
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    Motorola Milestone released locally

    Motorola releases Milestone to South Africa Android based Motorola smartphone to debut in South Africa soon