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    Commission with Long term investments

    It's more like buying a home, except the agent charges their fee every year you own it.
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    Looming NHI

    The NHI is mostly to benefit the private hospital groups. Netcare, Mediclinic and Life Healthcare -- their lawyers probably wrote most of the bill. The business case is straightforward: private hospitals currently only benefit from rich private-health-insurance clients, who are a tiny minority...
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    Old Mutual RA lost over a million rand in one year.

    Oh just saw the bit about your planner being appointed. That's not an advisor, that's a salesman.
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    Old Mutual RA lost over a million rand in one year.

    I reckon with 5 years to go you don't have much to gain by switching providers. But I would be taking a look at whether you have enough capital allocated to low risk bond type investments. Do you have any at all? Listed property is highly leveraged. Appropriate for a 30 year old but not...
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    Advice please- Mould and Renting

    Portable aircon? Dehumidifies and heats cheaper than regular heater. Yours to take with when you leave.
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    Opening a US Bank Account

    I thought it had got a lot harder since 9/11 but I suppose it is 18 years later... I would be interested to know whether there are any problems a few years down the line. I used to have a UK account. I was logging in to online banking periodically. One day the account was simply locked. The...
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    Savings pockets for businesses?

    Minimum number of accounts is two (operating and reserve). Not aware of any legal maximum. But this is an accounting problem so it should probably be solved with accounting software. Multiple bank balances seems like overkill. For small body corporates otherwise functioning well, even having...
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    Pick and Pay

    A R25 bag is pretty much guaranteed to do more damage to the environment than a R0.50 bag, especially if you reuse the 50c bag, even just as a bin liner. (And what are you using for bin liners if you're armed with cloth bags for the shopping?) It's the embodied energy and water in an expensive...
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    LED lights damage eyes and disturb sleep, European health authority warns

    There's less, but warm white still has a blue spike. I'm not a fan of LED light quality. The CRI is crap. The strobe effect from the driver is worse. There's a reason galleries, decent restaurants etc. don't light with LED, or CFL for that matter. Probably not a...
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    Dismissed employee refused to attend first day of notice period

    In a situation like this maybe what we need is a bit of "incapacity" at the CCMA. They seem weirdly competent. What a screwed-up irony if it's easier for an employee to shake a company down at the CCMA than it is to get the documentation from Home Affairs to be here legally.
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    Dismissed employee refused to attend first day of notice period

    As a self-employed person I find these stories amazing. The formal private sector in SA is essentially an outsourced state welfare system. In this case the beneficiary isn't even a citizen, by the sounds of it.
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    Investment questions for first-time property investor

    Have you compared this plan to your other investment options? Buying to let is not like buying an ETF. Have you read the relevant legislation e.g. Sectional Titles Act / STSMA, and the Rental Housing Act, and got to grips with what your new business will entail, what your obligations and costs...
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    International Swift payment Process time BIDVEST BANK

    A combination of mitigating fraud and making money by keeping the interest it earns. Contact the sender as well if you haven't already because any errors in the SWIFT instruction could have bounced it.
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    You will lose it all. Be smart and stick with the boring stuff.
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    Prohibiting prostitution is unconstitutional – MARTIN VAN STADEN

    Thor's original point is the one that's irrelevant though. It's not the primary aim of decriminalization to reduce the specific harms that were claimed as justification for original prohibition... Especially when those harms themselves were exaggerated or false, nevermind just plain old...