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    Am I under weight?

    Yes, thanks, I know. But the fact that there's not a single essential carbohydrate, i.e. that you can live a whole life without the entire food group, is an interesting and under-appreciated fact, notwithstanding the caveats. Nevermind the efficiency: isn't it interesting that your brain (and...
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    Big Two-Day Giveaway - Enter Now

    Can I just say... everyone who's posted in this thread so far is a f*cking loser.
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    Am I under weight?

    Because I assume you're lost... : (Ctrl+F "essential")
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    Am I under weight?

    You need a few grams of fat and protein, and your liver will be just fine. Most of the protein in your body is recycled, so you shouldn't overdo it -- your kidneys will just be forced to work excreting nitrogen. Most of your calories should probably come from fat.
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    Am I under weight?

    Nope. Google "essential carbohydrate" and let me know what you find.
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    Am I under weight?

    No such thing as a "healthy carb". They're all superfluous. There's no essential carbohydrate! I'd rather argue for a "healthy alcohol".
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    Am I under weight?

    They're jealous. I wish I was still in the 60s.
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    The NHI will offer all SA citizens the chance to suffer & die while waiting to be treated by the state

    This bill was probably drafted by the legal teams of the private hospitals chains. It's a great way for them to make more money. From their perspective they're in "unfair" competition with public health otherwise, and the majority of the market doesn't even consider them.
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    Will you pay less monthly income tax when appointed as a company rather than an individual?

    I wouldn't - it's clear from this thread, including this post, that it's not worth the hassle unless there is a plan to build the company. Who is most likely to disagree there's a hassle? A tax practitioner.
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    Long term investments offshore

    That's unfortunately against the law. We have capital controls still in force and the rule is that every cent of foreign currency you earn must be exchanged for rands within 30 days of it coming into your possession. Then you can use your allowances to buy a foreign currency using zar. So of...
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    What are the real FNB Account differences?

    OP this is called price discrimination and it's what all businesses do to maximize profits. Look at the range of prices you can pay for a coffee, latte, cappuccino, etc and note they're all the same three basic ingredients taking 2 min to prepare. This way the people who're willing to spend...
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    Discovery Medical rejections help tax ?

    Just to be clear, an MSA is your own money anyway. And no you don't get an extra tax benefit unless you are giving more than 7.5% of your income to doctors, in which case you should probably register as a charity anyway.
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    Places where you can get a job quickly?

    Get a job quickly, minimal experience, decent pay... I think this is a "pick any two" situation.