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    Gauteng is in a Covid-19 crisis

    The ANC fcuked it all up, now this will become its legacy, dragging their feet costing, unnecessary live because they don't now how to manage themselves out of a wet paper bag, cnuts!
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    Eskom load-shedding could hit Stage 5 in June

    What a coincidence, right when wage negotiations breakdown.
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    South Africa spent R1.6 billion on Cuban professionals

    Government refuses to employ the plenty wrong shade of African available, but the right shade of costly cuban is OK? Fok my sywaarts that is idiotic.
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    Adapt IT CEO Sbu Shabalala steps down for 3 months

    Discount company up for sale now
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    South African Air Force warns that majority of its aircraft systems are unavailable

    You want to see what a collapse looks like? Do an audit of the staff and assets of the sandf, be prepared to cry. The rot is not confined to SOE.
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    National strike in South Africa unless big salary increases given

    Good, who needs a functional country anyway.
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    EOH provides clarity on SIU media statement

    Because we should be reminded how corrupt you were, and changing your staff does not make it go away. So let me repeat, you. stole. from. the tax players. Now STFU and take your hiding and get back in the corner.
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    High-speed DSL now cheaper than Vumatel 10Mbps fibre

    You are mistaken, there is no emotion in watching your inane off point blabbering.
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    High-speed DSL now cheaper than Vumatel 10Mbps fibre

    If you don't like it here why not just leave, rather just consider you are not the target market and piss off.
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    Vumatel under fire for network problems

    The dreaded death spiral
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    Elon Musk loses $27 billion in under a week

    A way to make a ****ton of money.