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    Pretoria East Air Quality

    The air quality and smell tonight is terrible. I now need to wear that face mask at home too :rolleyes::(
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    Partner links and logos on websites

    Just out of interest, why would some website external 'partner' links and logos sometimes be greyed out and not live or clickable. Mostly seen on website developer sites, they would also exclude hyperlinks to their own portfolio sites?
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    Opinion of New Website

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    Parental limits to WiFi by cumulative daily hours

    I'm looking towards a piece of hardware to control the MAC addresses. The TP Link D5 suggestion seems do-able, any other ideas?
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    Parental limits to WiFi by cumulative daily hours

    Tx. Challenge in my home is that the control needs to be across-the-board for all devices, existing mix of Android, iOS, win and Roku
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    Parental limits to WiFi by cumulative daily hours

    How can I limit individual device WiFi access to internet by cumulative daily hours? Need to control teenager daily internet usage of say 3 hours per day. My fibre ISP cannot assist with any kind of limit, they suggest adding another router??
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    Pretoria East Air Quality

    Back again, last night too.
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    Can I terminate my 2-year contract? Desperately need advice

    Ask SARS for a statement of account for your personal tax, there you will see if the PAYE has been submitted and paid over on your behalf. Start the conversation with SARS about your own tax liabilities, this will come back to bite you worse if you don't, that is more urgent than reporting your...
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    VW Golf TSI 2016 with composition radio

    Phone calls and message notifications come through while on FM radio via Bluetooth, but map notifications only come through while on Bluetooth media, any way to force turn by turn voice while using radio?
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    Pretoria East Air Quality

    The stink is back again tonight in Silver Lakes, smells like burnt plastic.
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    ITTX Telecoms review?

    ITTX are good, no hassles at all. Netflix HD and YouTube simultaneous streaming, all works on 10Mbps fibre, capped. Will surely renew contract.