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  • cool - just check it ain't hiding in the systray after you close it down.
    Backing up a bit - after you click on the torrent link you get 3 options
    1)download now
    2) Torrent
    3)Fibre download

    select the torrent one otherwise you get taken to sign up options
    Once your done just remember to close utorrent from the systray btm right to stop any surprise uploads happening once your finished
    Just download & install utorrent....go back to the webpage & click on the torrent.........with firefox it then asks what program to use select utorrent & down it should come
    Ok i 've never used those - but those links is where i downloaded from...the files ending in Ekolb.
    Scanned with eset & came up clean - have viewed all.
    Let us know if you cant find i can easy burn & post
    Am going to keep hunting for FS or nzb links - have never tried torrents before.
    Thanks for the link but I think we should delete our last posts before the mods get huffy..... ;)
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