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    Gaming Laptop selling advice needed

    Meet at a police station and do all transfers there.As mentioned above, double check funds are available. Dont go home straight to avoid being followed back home.If its more than 1 person, be extra vigilant. If push comes to shove, both of you sign affidavits of proof of sale, since you're...
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    Be honest or keep quiet? (wrongly charged at PnP)

    End of shift a reconciliation is done. Any shortage or surplus is subject to a disciplinary proceeding. Amount short will be deducted from her. Depending on the amount and or frequency an immediate dismisal is probable. Even for 1 shortage, with a bad manager, dismisal is a factor. Whether the...
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    2x PSP plus PSVita

    I would really like to make a bulk sale hey but inbox offers and ill consider.
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    Flashy ‘trucker millionaire’ businessman Sam Mshengu arrested by the Hawks

    I dont think thats his surname either...Its pretty clear how he got this ID...allegedly.
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    2x PSP plus PSVita

    Lol if only... in her defense i have too much stuff gathering dust, might even throw in Xbox 360 and One games in here for free.
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    2x PSP plus PSVita

    Item name : PSP 1000 , PSP 3000, PSVita Age and condition:5+ 1000 is beat, the other 2 are still fair. Do you include packaging: Yes Warranty: No Reason for selling:Girlfriends wants everything childish gone. Price:2000 Negotiable: Yes Location:Louis Trichardt, Limpopo Shipping or...
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    Flashy ‘trucker millionaire’ businessman Sam Mshengu arrested by the Hawks

    He's Zimbabwean,couldnt even pronounce 'Makwarela' where he claimed to be from, his accent let him down in the radio interview after Durban July. The SA id he bought claims he was born in 1995. Word on the street is he was a driver for a trucking company. White bosses listed him as shareholder...
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    how can someone get a dedicated Channel on DSTV Africa Pay TV Platform

    Multichoice owns the rights to Spanish and Indian telenovelas. What exactly are you trying to bring over.What's your budget? You can get a free to air license from Icasa? Piggybank as a public channel, get a customer base and then approach multichoice or open view for a slot? Second option has...
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    Acer Aspire E1-571 i3 (Price reduced)

    Still available?