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    Misrepresentation on International Roaming

    I recently travelled to Italy, on arriving in the country I received an SMS informing me of the roaming charges - R10/min, R3/SMS, R10/MB. I checked this on the website too: The SMS I received confirmed the network I was on (Italy Telecom). See...
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    MTN 3g modem software for vodafone USB modem

    I'm using a Vodafone K3760 USB stick. I've been using a pre-paid Vodacom SIM for my data bundle previously, but I've gotten frustrated with a poor signal in our residential area. My HTC Desire picks up 3G and HSDPA perfectly fine when I use it, but it's on an MTN simcard. I have another MTN...
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    Vodacom and Hauwei modem connection dropped

    My connection has started to consistently drop off for some reason. I can see that I still upload, but I am not downloading anything. It seems like it might happen when I overload the modem, like when I open multiple tabs, but it has also happened when all that I have open is a chat client...