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    PSA: Vaccine certificate QR code contains easily decoded personal information - don't post it on social media

    Wait. Will we have to produce our ID alongside the vaccine certificate???(Otherwise how will they know we are who we say we are?) I’ve lived in this era before and it did not end well)
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    Ellies bringing Nokia TVs to South Africa

    Let me tell you my child. Long time ago…
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    Arrest warrant reportedly issued for "millionaire" Bitcoin trader

    This sounds like a civil matter between the two parties. Not everything is news worthy
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    Apple Plan for Cars Uses IPhone to Control A/C, Seats, Radio

    “The iPhone-based system could access a range of controls, sensors and settings, said the people, who asked not to be identified because the project is secret.” Didn’t Tim just recently address this issue of people leaking information.
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    Game extends Price Beat offer to Black Friday deals

    Oh Snap! I’m saving this article
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    Zuckerberg Responds to Claims That Facebook Prioritizes Profit as ‘Just Not True’

    “Facebook doesn’t benefit from content that makes people angry or depressed or make all product decisions to maximize user interactions, Zuckerberg said.” Ask MyBB about the benefits of content that makes people angry
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    Facebook Whistle-Blower to Share ‘Frightening Truth’ With Senate

    It’s too late for that. The victims want it and they will fight you to the death to have it
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    TechInsights reveals how much it costs to manufacture the iPhone 13 Pro

    It’s those high res videos and raw images before you upload them to the cloud or external drive.
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    Game's online price beat promise tested

    Is used to be a hobby of mine to do price beats
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    Nintendo provided 4K dev kit for console that never launched - Report

    So in essence Bloomberg made stuff up
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    Here's how much Johann Rupert's Remgro makes from each of its companies

    All these total to R2 billion. Then what the hell did we do with the R500 billion?
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    Silicon showdown - iPhone 13 Pro Max and Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra compared

    Somebody’s trying to be someone’s assistant Just kidding