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    How these streetpole cameras are catching criminals across Joburg

    The image in the article though seem way too high to be from a pole mounted camera
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    The perks of working at Vodacom and MTN - Free airtime and data

    Vodacom’s recent financial results showed that the company’s CEO, Shameel Joosub, accrued a pre-tax remuneration of R43,446,398 for the year, R4,800 of which was attributed to a Vodacom mobile phone benefit. But but that’s R400 a month.
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    Government plans to give HD TVs to over 100,000 matrics

    Thin clients. We proposed this 15 years ago and the proposal is still valid today. Network locked Thin clients. You steal it, it’s useless. Everything is in the cloud. It’s purpose built
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    Police take down illegal Netflix and Amazon streaming ring

    It’s all this region and geoblocking. If I was offered a service with full Netflix as opposed to the washed down version we get here, and the qos was the same, I’d obviously take it up
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    Uber Cash launched in SA

    That’s what I thought when I first read the headline
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    iPhone SE vs iPhone 11

    You post the extra 7 grands because bezels are ewwww
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    ANC accused of using COVID-19 to seize control in the Western Cape

    Politicians. They are all the same.
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    Lifting of alcohol ban floods hospitals with trauma cases

    But we all knew this was going to happen
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    What to do if you are asked for a till slip for your cigarettes

    “Incidentally, I have yet to hear of a person ploughing into other road users because he or she had one too many cigarettes, yet these clowns in government are set to unban alcohol from 1 June.” Justice Project South Africa chairperson Howard Dembovsky sounds like a MyBB forumite
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    RCS to get end-to-end encryption

    iMessage then
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    Apple Glass – New details leaked

    Prosser claimed that Apple had originally planned to unveil these glasses as a surprise ending to its upcoming iPhone launch event. Prosser is a party pooper