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    South Africa’s first smartphone factory – Photos

    I came here to say the same thing.
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    My fibre went down and everything was terrible

    I feel you. Dammit, even my door bell needs an internet connection.
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    Samsung vs Huawei vs Apple - The best smartwatch you can buy

    Huawei 2 week battery life with always on display Also recently saw the Microsoft surface neo. Why oh why am I so knee deep in the Apple ecosystem?
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    Why South Africans still use torrents

    I’m intrigued. I’ll ask uncle google about that
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    Why South Africans still use torrents

    I just wonder when Netflix will remove these global restrictions. I tried Netflix with VPN once, and thereafter I couldn’t go back to accepting only what is available locally. I can't use vpn with my Apple router so now I'm an unsatisfied Netflix customer. I'm trying to do the right thing here...
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    Microsoft unveils Surface Earbuds

    “During a presentation, Microsoft will be able to translate your speech into one of more than 60 languages and display it in captions on a screen.” Take my money now!!!
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    iPhone 11 vs iPhone 11 Pro - Choosing the right phone

    11 Pro. Battery and size
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    Send criminals to jail for longer to fight crime – SA Police Service

    I think he meant the presence and visibility of police will lessen the instances of crime
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    Send criminals to jail for longer to fight crime – SA Police Service

    Agree with all but the last sentence- it’s not necessary. You make an interesting observation which I had actually not thought about. It’s like with speeding fines- I know they are expensive, but that alone doesn’t necessarily make me slow down. But when I know an area has a lot of cameras, I...
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    Apple Arcade details revealed

    You're absolutely right. Dropbox should go. Also looking for a way to also drop the additional iCloud subscription but I think that'll just cause me more problems. I'm really gonna do some serious subscription clean up. There's so much more that's not on my original list- I just got suckered in...
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    Apple Arcade details revealed

    Everything looks so cheap until you add it up all together. Dropbox YouTube premium Netflix Office 365 Apple music VPN DSTV Adobe creative cloud Plex XBox game pass I was gonna put figures at the end but I'm starting to get depressed
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    Good news about Cell C's performance

    Hind sight is perfect sight
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    MTN's fixed-LTE packages crush Telkom

    I came here to say the same thing