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    Companies with mandatory Covid-19 vaccination policies

    I have cancelled all my products with discovery
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    SABC's proposed TV Licence plan will hammer DStv - Analyst

    You see moaning choice this will happen when you rub shoulders with your gov friends. Someday they will bend you over and load you like a shotgun
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    South Africans 5G towers burnt over COVID-19 worries

    Then dont read the stupid parts. I just come here for the interesting comments
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    Government owes the SABC over R28 million in TV licence fees

    Wow not paying comes so naturally it must be part of the genes
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    Mini lockdowns and regional restrictions considered for South Africa
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    New evidence reveals how EOH bankrolled the ANC

    Just another normal day in the life of cANCer cadres
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    Rain network problems

    I really don't know why people get so upset about any product. If don't like it don't buy it. Stop talking with your keyboard and start talking with your wallet.
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    Last-ditch attempt to halt job cuts at SABC

    Cut everybody's inflated salary by 50% like the rest of SA and you can keep the 400. No need to talk about it, just do it.✔
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    Programming languages ranked by global popularity

    We are planning to enter our son at code academy(cause the plan is to send him to the USA for better future) for coding and robotics. He did a few free python courses and enjoyed it a lot. Will it be best to do all the coding languages or what will be the best option for the future.
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    Get ready for lockdown level 1

    Do you really believe the mainstream media???bwahaha They will confuse your brain
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    MultiChoice to cut two DStv channels at the end of September

    Americans doesn't watch there own sports so now want us to watch it to up the numbers
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    MultiChoice South Africa CEO Mark Rayner resigns

    Isnt the captain sappose to stay on the sinking ship
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    Discovery Insure Giveaway - Win your share of R2,000 cash

    Up to 50% of your fuel spend back every month for driving well
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    ANC warns SABC to stop jobs bloodbath - Report

    And thats how you buy votes