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    Eskom stage 2 load-shedding has been implemented

    Now that Doekies and her little muppet have made their anouncements, Eskom has been given permission to resume loadshedding.
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    Eskom load-shedding to continue on Friday, possibly through weekend

    So back on stage 1 now and no load shedding for us Capey's.
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    Eskom implements stage 2 load-shedding due to increased generation pressure

    CoCT can draw 180MW from it's Steenbras pumped storage scheme as well as it's two gas turbine plants in Roggebaai (42 MW) and Athlone (36 MW) for a total of 258MW. If it wasn't for the red tape surounding use of IPPs, Cape Town wouldn't have load shedding at all.
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    Ban on alcohol and cigarettes in South Africa

    I suspect the driver and passenger might have been smoking some of their own cargo. :unsure: A petrol lorry driver who smokes should be a big tip-off to any border control agent.
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    Eskom explains why load-shedding is back

    So the jellyfish were not blamed this time around?
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    Coffin on sale at Takealot

    Email customer support and tell them you're interrested in buying one but a bit hesitant because no reviews have been posted yet. :unsure:
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    Eskom heaps more misery on SA as load shedding returns

    Heads-up, CoCT supplied areas will switch over to stage 2 as of now:
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    Eskom heaps more misery on SA as load shedding returns

    Nope those two gas turbine plants are owned and operated by the CoCT. And yeah, the pumped storage was built not to curb loadshedding but to deliver power during peak demand periods when Eskom charges the city more for electricity.
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    Eskom heaps more misery on SA as load shedding returns

    Yes, CoCT has two gas turbine plants, one in Roggebaai (42 MW) and one in Athlone (36 MW). Not much but every little bit helps. Steenbras is a reverse pumped storage dam that generates around 180 MW.
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    Rain and storm for Cpt

    It's quite troubling to think that Eskom's woes could now conceivably impact the recovery of our dams as well.
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    How long will the load shedding last now that it has been eased back on us.

    As long as there is no overnight loadshedding it should continue to do it's thing. It basically needs to be "charged" (water pumped back up) every night and if there is load shedding 24/7 then it is not economically feasable nor energy efficient to do so.
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    Eskom heaps more misery on SA as load shedding returns

    Yeah it wasn't broken, just undergoing scheduled maintenance over the summer. CoCT is also supplemenring power generation with gas turbines. Problem is if Eskom starts with their overnight loadshedding BS again, Steenbras isn't going to be worth a damn. (no pun intended)
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    Rain and storm for Cpt

    Quite a bit of thunder and lightning here in the far South now. Started bucketing down again as well.