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    Would you take the AstraZeneca vaccine if it is offered to you?

    I'm ok with the well tested vaccines, and like you mentioned I have the scar to proof that. The question was if I would the new Covid one, and my answer to that is no. It is brand new, like with major OS updates, I don't want to break my production machine, I'll wait that others test and get...
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    Would you take the AstraZeneca vaccine if it is offered to you?

    No, I'll want to see if the people die first
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    5 fascinating BMW-based bakkies

    Not fascinating.
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    Software to control PC's in a IT training room

    Option 1 Many years back I used a combination of products (Mostly from Microsoft) to setup a computer lab at primary school. I used Domain Controller with Group Policies to lock them down so much that Windows didn’t have a Start Button, only the needed programs on the desktop. You can also make...
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    Best domain and email host for small business

    Xneelo Domains Sjoe Thor, bit harsh?
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    Government working with networks to provision more data for students

    Then they must buy the data, like any other person.
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    iMessage activation issue - Telkom

    iMessage activate only with international SMS, so load bit airtime, and it will activate, SMS bundles only work for local SMS
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    MTN unwilling to fix LTE issues

    Did you phone (083) 900-1212 ?
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    MTN unwilling to fix LTE issues

    This is NOT MTN, it is your service provider, can’t believe they are still with us.
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    Suggested Product - to remind you that your garage door is left open

    Good Morning, I‘m using a SMS controller to send me a SMS when the door is in an open state for 3 minutes (should give me enough time to get in and out), and it also has the option that I send SMS or command to close the door. It does send SMS for Close state as well. I also monitor Main Power...
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    Several sites blocked on Cool Ideas

    No, not today, today is in the 155.93.x.x range.
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    Several sites blocked on Cool Ideas

    Hi Cobus, I’m with CISP, and all of the sites you have listed work for me. I can take screenshots, but no issues here.
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    Replacing keyboard with the 'recall' of Macbook Pro

    My MBP 15" had the keyboard replacement for free, iStore Canal Walk did send it in to the repair centre in the CBD, it took me 4 days, and they also replaced top cover. I used the time to see if I can do the iPad living.
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    Change Microsoft account

    Good morning, It sound like it is done. So you had a @Hotmail @live or @outlook account, then you bought a 365 Personal or Home/Family version, activated it with a new username? Now you want to move the license to your other account? If so, you need to contact MS support, but chances are...