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    International Connectivity Issues Today?

    As the title states, I'm looking to find out if anyone else has been experiencing any international connection issues today?
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    Help testing TwitchTest on Octotel Network

    Sorry about the late response and thanks to those of you that tested this for me. The person I was dealing with at my ISP came across a website called which has solved all my problems. I can stream happy about this.
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    Help testing TwitchTest on Octotel Network

    Are there any ISPs that offer a test account. I'm having trouble streaming to Twitch at anything higher than 2.5mbps upload speed and I want to see if it's my ISP that's the problem or not. EDIT: So as PBCool mentioned, this isn't possible. Would anyone on the Octotel Network be able to use...
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    USB drivers screwed after connecting my Xperia Go

    Hopefully someone here knows how to fix this! When I connect a device to my work pc (Windows XP) it brings up a dialogue window to install software for the device. Now I connected my Xperia Go to it yesterday and a dialogue window popped up asking to install the "android device". I thought...