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    MWEB quality of service

    Leave MWEB, best decision I made, they would throttle my line constantly. Went to cool ideas and no more throttling.
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    Audi’s new Q4 e-tron will go head-to-head with Tesla

    Can't take on Tesla.... In Musk we trust.
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    The SA power grid is in trouble

    How many more of these articles MyBB going to publish ? Do they just post the same thing when it's a slow day at the office ?
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    MWEB quality of service

    Not a chance in hell, was with them and it was terrible. Then moved to cool ideas and they are miles ahead.
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    How much it costs to import a Tesla car to SA

    Not surprised, SA is a crap hole country
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    Openserve CISP price decrease

    Chaps Cool Ideas reset my ports and im now rocking 212mb down and 98mb up :)
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    Openserve CISP price decrease

    Indeed I do. TP-Link Decom 4 AC1200 mesh system, still no upgrade as of this morning *crying
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    Openserve CISP price decrease

    Any of you had a speed increase yet ? Im still on 100mb :(, was hoping I would be 200mb by now :(
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    Openserve CISP price decrease

    @PBCool I knew you guys would come through. Glad to be getting the upgrade to 200mb from 100mb and the bump to 100mb for my uploads will be most welcome as a YouTube content creator
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    Afrihost customers on Openserve to get free speed upgrades

    @PBCool we are eagerly awaiting to see you guys follow the same lead as afrihost
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    Starlink satellite Internet now has over 10,000 users

    Awesome so they should be approved by the year 2050 when anybody wishing to use such a service would have either died or left the country
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    Musica shuts down

    Always insanely high prices and crap deals. Not surprised.