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  • Hi V3G, my number is 0829286208. On holiday at the moment so no land line. If you do phone, not now please. Thank you for your valuable input on MBB, and for the assistance you render to individuals as appropriate. Richard Steele.
    please could you advise if there is problems as we have a lot of clients complaining that there cli is not showing even though the service is up and running on the network,leaving a bad taste in our mouths as we tell clients from correspondence we received from vodacom saying that it is a problem on the network however when the clients call vodacom the get told the opposite well what do do now!
    I am a geriatric old fart trying to survive in a world of technology that is sometimes very confusing. Right now I have a problem with Vodacom's email server.every time I log onto outlook express I get a drop down window asking me for my username and password even though the blanks are already filled in. When I click OK it rejects my passwords and asks me the same question again. My local vodacom franchise operator tells me that my password has been pirated and that I need to change it by logging into vodacom4me. I tried that but cannot see anywhere for me to access my account or change my password. Can you please advise me in words of one syllable and preferably in loud type as I am deaf as well as stupid.
    Geriatric old fart
    I have had various minor problems over the past 3 years, however I have been unable to access 3G for any reasonable period during the last 8 days. The guys at CIC have been helpful, but still no 3G, HSDPA etc, only GPRS. I understand the closest base station Modderfontein Road 3 , Johannesurg is giving problems, but my clients don't care 2 hoots. I have various reference numbers but they also mean zip. In fact I am tired of reporting the problem. My name Malcolm Buchanan, my numbers, 0823078311 and 0712570447. I am paying for a Ferrari and getting a VW Beatle in return. Is that Vodacom's business model?
    hi there, couldnt find the answer, but does vodacom still help us guys with poor signal for 3G with the antennas? If not, do you sell these antennas or where can I get one? We have two 3G modems, one prepaid and one on contract(500MB). Model = K3715.

    Any help wouldbe much appreciated.

    Hi there,

    I want to get the Iphone 3G. Went to Vodacom to inform me that the 8G version has been discontinued and only now sell the 16G. Well, thats all good apart from the fact that they want me to pay in 3k for the 16G as opposed to nothing which is what I would of paid in for the 8G. Asking 3k for an extra 8 gigs of memory is absolutely absurd. The price difference between the two phones is just over 1k. How they can justify 3k is beyond me.

    Question to you is.. will your colleagues "pull finger" and get a decent deal going on the 16G anytime soon? I really want the Iphone but can't allow myself to be ripped.

    Is the 8G completely off the shelves? Surely I can still get hold of one somewhere?


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    Howdy, I hope you can help me.

    I need to get Static IPs on Vodacom SIM cards, but they need to be publically accessible.

    Any ideas how to go about this? It is quite urgent.

    Hi Vodacom3g

    I also work for Vodacom, GPRS Support and i have a ticket open for a gaming query about World of Warcraft
    Can you give me call or something... or email me cause i'd like to ask what you have managed to find out

    My name is ariel goldberg. look it up in the directory.

    many thanks

    Hi Vodacom3g,

    Have a discussion with Rudi Grace about Syrinx Communications & the stuff we do with Vodacom. Perhaps u can help us grow our business.....


    Hello Vodacom3G,

    You asked me to PM you the reference number I got from 155. I can't find it anywhere, it's wiped off the sim. ( I remember getting an sms with my query number)

    I reported my problem to Vodacom in mid August and have since reported it twice to MWEB.

    The initial response from Vodacom was that a tower is being upgraded and that it would take 2 weeks. It's more than 2 months now. With my next complaint to MWEB, Vodacom contacted me again and confirmed no 3G coverage in my area and recommended me to downgrade my 2G package. They could never give me any answer to the random disconnecting.

    The fact is, I've had 3G and HSDPA for a year at this location, until my nightmare started on 28th July 2008. The other issue is that I'm connecting to a tower in a different town, even though I live within 500m of a hill with 3 towers. With my Cell C simcard in the E220, it doesn't disconnect and I get true edge speed, where with Vodacom I barely get GPRS speed, besides disconnecting every 10 to 20 minutes.

    Tech support suggested an external antenna but it's the same whether my pc is in the house or outside. Vodacom never came out to do a signal test.

    Problem: I had 3G and HSDPA for a year at this location. Since 28th of July I only get randomly disconnecting GPRS. It shows EDGE, but it doesn't even get GPRS speed.

    30 Deon Drive, Scheepershoogte, Uitenhage, Eastern Cape.

    PS: I get 3G downtown and tested it in Riversdale... my hardware has been updated and is working at other locations.

    The tower I connect to is about 7km from me (Despatch Reservoir 3)

    All I can think is that something had been changed at my local tower, now giving me a very weak signal from a tower far away. But my Cell C simcard gives me true edge and doesn't disconnect. Somethings up with the local Vodacom tower...

    Please help.

    Thank you
    Hallo Vodacom3G. I am struggling with my 3G here in Witbank. It's very slow.

    It used to be nice and fast but the last couple weeks it's unusably slow

    It shows the light blue light which means it's connected to 3g and I have 4 bars of signal.

    When dowloading a file it goes to 0kb/s for long times and then up to 3.3kb/s.

    I have signed up through Vodacom direct before I was an ISP for @lantic.

    I have signed up my client across the road trough @lantic and hers is fast as normal.

    I have a Hauwei E220 modem.

    What could me making it slow?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

    Wynand Janse van Rensburg
    Charisma Computers

    The problem was not at all with the handset regulations but ICASA slipped some regulations in that were not part of the discussions. These are the ones that are being questioned. And, btw, we tried for quite a while to chat to them about it before the latest happenings.

    Icasa handset regulations come into force this week- rules change again.

    Very curious to see whether the providers take iCASA's handset regulations seriously - i'm not holding much hope at this stage.
    Hi Vodacom3g

    I've been a HSDPA user for a while in Welkom,FS
    I recently relocated to Citrusdal,WC
    I discovered with a shock that vodacom does not supply a higher connection speed than GPRS. Would it be possible to find out when vodacom is going to or plan on upgrading the towers to enable 3G or HSDPA in my area ?

    I could send you the GPS cordinates if you like.

    MTN supplies the area with EDGE, At this point in time It seems that I'll be going to MTN when my contract expires.. :(

    Hi V3G

    Same problem exists with Incredible Connection's advertising!!

    I checked the Caxton today - yes, the adverts still don't comply.

    Will mail you tomorrow with the details :)

    (firewall here apparently has a prob with the word "game", hence not able to PM nor email).

    Re your most recent PM-
    Let's wait for this Thursday's Caxton and I'll point out where the advertising doesn't comply. It's a bit confusing to backtrack- ie I'm too lazy to sort the papers/cut outs in this drawer :D

    Basically, CLIP and Itemised Billing charges are not being included in all of the advertised contract prices; while the terms and conditions published at the bottom of the page say that CLIP and Itemised Billing are mandatory on reduced subscriptions (Game considers giving in-store gift vouchers when signing a contract to be 'reduced subscription').

    The regulations say that the total monthly cost must include ALL monthly charges.

    eg (as advertised in recent weeks):

    Weekend/Everyday contract
    + R1800 Game voucher
    = R135pm

    Total cost for this is actually R161.60 pm, not R135pm

    How is eurotrip going?

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